What REALLY Happened In 2019...

10 jan. 2020
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Hi Sisters! Happy 2020! Today's video is a chit chat get ready with me. I wanted to talk about 2019 and finally close that chapter in my life, but also discuss 2020 while doing my Updated Makeup Routine! I got my eyebrows microbladed, I switched up my makeup routine & I finally found the perfect foundation match!! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • blake shelton

    George BygraveGeorge BygraveUur geleden
  • 0:37 lol

    lucy reillylucy reilly7 uur geleden
  • james gingezed its

    Liv & Tor’s Sister ChannelLiv & Tor’s Sister Channel13 uur geleden
  • Sis you jinxed it 😂😂😂🤭

    karla sanchezkarla sanchez20 uur geleden
  • *Me watching this is October of 2020* 👁👄👁

    DrSnapplAppleDrSnapplApple23 uur geleden
  • o james, if only you knew what was to come

    Sophia ZavalaSophia ZavalaDag geleden
  • James: 2020 is going to be our year 2020:

    Ieva SalvatoreIeva SalvatoreDag geleden
  • James-This is is gonna be our year Me-shore did he had to say that?

    GG VlogsGG VlogsDag geleden
  • Little did James know 3 month later... Coronavirus: heheheheheeheheheheh he really thinks.

    It’s Ruby’s LifeIt’s Ruby’s LifeDag geleden
  • Who should tell him

    Darja WeizDarja WeizDag geleden
  • oh James you jinxed it sister

    Julia GalleryJulia Gallery2 dagen geleden
  • TE AMO

    francesca garciafrancesca garcia2 dagen geleden
  • Oh my gosh! I wish you would come to the UK again! There is so much culture here it’s amazing there’s no way you could fit it all into one trip! Also, how did you find our accents? lol 😂

    Gini D'SilvaGini D'Silva2 dagen geleden
  • Oo it's so good✓✓2020

    TIA's & LILA's SHOWTIA's & LILA's SHOW2 dagen geleden
  • James: I don’t wanna jinx anything but 2020 has been treating me well” Me:”thanks James you really wanted us to have some 𝙛𝙪𝙣 this year” Also me:”I would do anything to be with people rn so I would regret if I did nothing for Christmas just sayin”

    Molly DomreseMolly Domrese2 dagen geleden
  • I'm so proud of your growth. Love you!!!

    Simran SinghSimran Singh3 dagen geleden
  • ya 2020 actually sucks. worst year everrrr

    Molly JonesMolly Jones3 dagen geleden
  • You have the most amazing smile, and the most beautiful teeth!

    Tanya Anderson-HeugesTanya Anderson-Heuges3 dagen geleden
  • Imagine being here later in 2020 and being like well honey it hasn't treated us that well

    Rowan SawyerRowan Sawyer3 dagen geleden
  • James: all the things we have coming in 2020 2020: yeah about that, no

    Daniela sDaniela s3 dagen geleden
  • Me watching this in 2020.....😶

    Maggie AldousMaggie Aldous3 dagen geleden
  • James: IM SO HAPPY ITS FINALLY NEW YEAR me now: ......oop

    Aoibhe GAoibhe G4 dagen geleden
  • this year is going to be a good year....

    Tylor AwadTylor Awad4 dagen geleden
  • Those energies and vibes from 2020 be gone to hell now.

    Pickle JuicePickle Juice5 dagen geleden
  • Your og palette allowed people to really experiment with colors because they were all so pigmented and they were all PERFECT. You won James!

    LEMAKILEMAKI6 dagen geleden
  • 0:37 I really wish you were right James cuz I really thought so too. );

    JoAnna PimentelJoAnna Pimentel6 dagen geleden
  • Who's here after Coronavirus Not me

    JoAnna PimentelJoAnna Pimentel6 dagen geleden
  • Makeup or not makeup James Charles is always beautiful; he's such a good person.

    Cillian SimonCillian Simon7 dagen geleden
  • Me what hint this 9 months later... 0:26 sis u jinxed it

    Addie TarpAddie Tarp7 dagen geleden
  • Who is here watching this in the middle of 2020 omg he is wrong

    Maria ThomMaria Thom7 dagen geleden
  • I loooooovvvveeeeee hiiiiimmmmmm❤️😱

    MickEeez GameZMickEeez GameZ7 dagen geleden
  • James- “I really don’t wanna jinx anything...”

    Addison McCammanAddison McCamman8 dagen geleden
  • scirocly she jinkes it

    hannah larsenhannah larsen8 dagen geleden
  • wow, I just realized how much January had us fooled. LMAO!

    arielle saularielle saul8 dagen geleden
  • Tbh I thought it was gonna be a clickbait but no , James is very honest and a very good person 😍😍😍

    ArtshoreArtshore8 dagen geleden
  • Prepare to be triggered Read more

    Kierra DemersKierra Demers8 dagen geleden
    • You just spent way too much time clicking, didn’t you?

      Kierra DemersKierra Demers8 dagen geleden
  • I’m watching this on October 13 2020 7:40pm❤️

    Andre GarciaAndre Garcia9 dagen geleden
  • I'm watcing this on 13.10.2020. Perfect year James...Just PERFECT

    InsidiousElena CHInsidiousElena CH9 dagen geleden
  • 2020 is going well for me. 3 months later quarantine you jinx 2020.

    Jordan ValentineJordan Valentine10 dagen geleden
  • "i dont wanna jinx it but 2020 has been great so far" we found it guys. its all because of james. he freaking jinxed it for all of us.

    UFellSwitchUFellSwitch11 dagen geleden
  • Guys he sad I don’t want to jinkx it... HE DID JINKX

    Marcus HenriqueMarcus Henrique12 dagen geleden
  • Did he even mention the ferris week at cochella thing?🥵(҂⌣̀_⌣́)

    tablet admintablet admin13 dagen geleden
  • Wrong vibes lol

    Kelsey OtmishiKelsey Otmishi13 dagen geleden
  • You're wearing colored contacts! Because your eyes normally are not that dark! I actually really LOVE the lighter eyes on you James💕😍😘

    Desirae'Desirae'15 dagen geleden
  • I love how James genuinely is grateful for his supporters and loves his fans. Love you James! ❤️

    Addison GertnerAddison Gertner15 dagen geleden
  • “This is going to be our year” Me: *a healthcare worker facing another massive wave of positive cases, an activist going out to protests anytime I can (my area is still protesting nearly everyday and has been since May/June), and a college student facing midterms for a second time in quarantine*

    J PiersonJ Pierson15 dagen geleden
  • "I truly feel like this is going to be our year" lmao, shore...

    liv benjaminliv benjamin15 dagen geleden
  • Omg you were in Tennessee in 2019?! I missed you being there?! ☹️☹️nooooooooo

    Maci GormanMaci Gorman16 dagen geleden
  • Heh back then he thought 2020 was being good to him 😂

    Maci GormanMaci Gorman16 dagen geleden
  • Umm......2020 is going to be our year (If you love to run around for toilet paper)

    rubaiya khanrubaiya khan16 dagen geleden
  • James: micro blading Captions: micro bleeding

    Gemma KateGemma Kate16 dagen geleden
  • oh james oh...

    Erin SoygulErin Soygul17 dagen geleden
  • james:this will be our year *me laughing with tears*

    clarke blakeclarke blake18 dagen geleden
  • he says "this year is going to be our year” yet the people watching this in quarantine

    SophieGammerSophieGammer19 dagen geleden
  • its true, James Charles jinxed 2020! just a joke

    Luella OtisLuella Otis19 dagen geleden
  • you jinxed it

    Your lil WolfieYour lil Wolfie19 dagen geleden
  • The one thing I changed in my makeup routine was my eyeshadow. I do it before my foundation and it's a life saver ESPECIALLY when using dark colors *which I use alot*

    Gail fruitloopGail fruitloop19 dagen geleden
  • I still can’t do my eyebrows before my makeup. I’ve tried a lot and I’m not happy. I think you’ve changed your routine because you micro bladed them. Don’t you think so? If you hadn’t micro bladed, would you still do your makeup first? Your routines are the only ways I do my makeup. I only follow your routines because yours are the ONLY ones that work for me and my oily skin. Saving up to micro blade 🥰

    Margarita NavaMargarita Nava20 dagen geleden
  • James:” I don’t wanna jinks it, but 2020 is treating me really well.” Coronavirus: “ Honey, you’ve already jinxed it.”

    Annabelle JaneAnnabelle Jane21 dag geleden
  • "happy"... shore

    Naomy CatanoNaomy Catano21 dag geleden
  • ahem no comment, the 2020 being good was just a no

    AliceAlice22 dagen geleden
  • I luv James in the beginning of this video : I feel like this is going to be our year. Everyone 8 months later : alright so the world problem today is.......

    Rachel AlbernazRachel Albernaz22 dagen geleden
  • Love this make up

    debbe buhatdebbe buhat22 dagen geleden
  • Lol who knew.. but I'm happy that you are happy👍

    vaishnavi raghuvaishnavi raghu22 dagen geleden
  • 16:20😭😭😭

    xxglitter_ gothxxxxglitter_ gothxx25 dagen geleden
  • People in 2020: "This is our year...... for disaster!"

    Claire OndrejkoClaire Ondrejko25 dagen geleden
  • This is my first time seeing u :D

    shadow21craft xdshadow21craft xd25 dagen geleden
  • James: this year is going to be our year Me: if only he knew...

    DanielleDanielle25 dagen geleden
  • I love you, but I can only watch your videos in 0,75 speed lol

    Emily LangEmily Lang27 dagen geleden
    • shut up 🤐

      Jooe’s GREATJooe’s GREAT26 dagen geleden
  • Remember never trust James when he says something is gonna be okay.

    Emma DrewEmma Drew27 dagen geleden
  • WHAT a amazing year!

    Dimitra VlahosDimitra Vlahos27 dagen geleden
    • duh

      Jooe’s GREATJooe’s GREAT26 dagen geleden
  • I think Ryan is the best editor he’s had. His humor shows a lot through his edits and I adore it.

    Seraphina NettesheimSeraphina Nettesheim28 dagen geleden
  • My heart broke when James started to cry

    Cotton CandyCotton Candy28 dagen geleden
  • me more than half way threw 2020 like] @ . @

    Sophie Garduno 11Sophie Garduno 1128 dagen geleden
  • James: 2020 had been nice to me Me: are you sure about that, because it's been bad for everyone.

    Finleigh BeardFinleigh Beard29 dagen geleden
  • You are so beautiful ❤️

    Lorena Virginia LopezLorena Virginia Lopez29 dagen geleden
  • Wait are you a fan of BLACKPINK?

    Lawrence PlaysLawrence PlaysMaand geleden
  • Oh he jinxed it alright

    Ariel AviadAriel AviadMaand geleden
  • * adding to title AND WHY WE SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN IT

  • well this aged well

    JoMax GAMEZJoMax GAMEZMaand geleden
  • James:This is our year! The shooting i was in on the 1st of jan:Haha!You can say that again,But not for to long...

    Kaylee ChungKaylee ChungMaand geleden
  • james was like i feel like 2020 is are year.... us here in September 👁️👄👁️

    Alyssa HillAlyssa HillMaand geleden
  • OMG!! I just noticed he posted this on my bday!!🥰

    Angelina TrookAngelina TrookMaand geleden
  • I see that being able to attend the MET is one of the reasons why his "friends" did that lol

    dauntlesskjcmdauntlesskjcmMaand geleden
  • Oh the intro 😭

    Amit ChakrabortyAmit ChakrabortyMaand geleden
  • “this year is going to be our year” too soon bby, just... too soon

    Igor Araujo AlmeidaIgor Araujo AlmeidaMaand geleden
  • is this actually the correct speed in which you speak? or has the video been sped up? wt???

    Sally DixonSally DixonMaand geleden
  • 00:30 l-

    Rachel BromRachel BromMaand geleden
  • why am i crying but laughing at him?

    Lucy AslanidisLucy AslanidisMaand geleden
  • 0:35 this didn't age well...

    meghana santhoshmeghana santhoshMaand geleden
  • 0:36 proves james charles has 0 intuition whatsoever lmaoo

    NyshaNyshaMaand geleden
  • "this year is going to be our year" me: *CORONAVVIRUSSSS*

    OliviaOliviaMaand geleden
  • "this is going to be our year" well..... Ya that didn't went well😂

    Kolour splashKolour splashMaand geleden
  • Love you james❤️❤️❤️

    Ruth GodfreyRuth GodfreyMaand geleden
  • Myyyyy... This brush!

    Habib HussainHabib HussainMaand geleden
  • "this year is going to be our year" everyone: so that was a fucking lie.

    Cheese KacesCheese KacesMaand geleden
  • U don’t know the future is awaiting it is not a good year

    Aisha CupcakeAisha CupcakeMaand geleden
  • Hey James my name nicholas Moore my Instagram is La.Onik_ with the 20k giveaway i would pay off my grandmother insurance and with the rest of the money i would head for my dream to be a makeup artist and NLworldr i would be so grateful for the opportunity and my grandmother would too

  • Yay

    RAD RoyaltyRAD RoyaltyMaand geleden
  • You will be ok, babe. Just give yourself a time xx People understand.

    olga zhdanovaolga zhdanovaMaand geleden