Trying Celebrity Makeup Hacks!

10 dec. 2019
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I try out some Celebrity Makeup Hacks by following the Vogue Beauty Secrets videos! Kendall & Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Jhene Aiko, Taylor Hill, Ashley Graham, Emily Ratajkowski & more all have some awesome tricks that I decided to test... See how my makeup turns out!!
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  • I actually think the moles do look pretty...

    Anaid VelazcoAnaid Velazco17 uur geleden
  • I have the same phobia lollll

    H e y i t ’s t i aH e y i t ’s t i aDag geleden
  • ✨🖤

    Syifa AfandiSyifa AfandiDag geleden
  • You just look preeetyyyyyyyyy ❤❤❤❤

  • James really did the lips different like that though.

    ava reiava reiDag geleden
  • Kylie: talking about Jordyn James: oofff 😬😰 James is meeeeeee 🤣🤣🤣

    Emily S.Emily S.Dag geleden
  • james's personality is the best i wish i could meet him and be his friend

    bhavya gargbhavya garg2 dagen geleden
  • Can someone please tell me what cream highlighting stick James Charles is using in this video

    Ana PenaAna Pena2 dagen geleden
  • If you put the speed to 0.75 he speaks in a regular speed.. try it!

    Patricia LembergPatricia Lemberg2 dagen geleden
  • No no no no no no no do NOT use makeup wipes there so bad for the environment and they don’t really get the makeup off fully

    Kinsley KKinsley K3 dagen geleden
  • wait guys why did he say victorious secret model like it was a bad thing... ? help

    Hello ThereHello There4 dagen geleden
    • ikr same im confused

      gh0st.gOürlgh0st.gOürl2 dagen geleden
  • Why was he annoyed at the Victoria’s Secret model? Is it because of the company she works for or just because she’s pretty naturally in like a jokey way?

    Stathia KatsoulisStathia Katsoulis4 dagen geleden
  • wat do you think that james talks to fast i undertsand him very well yall must be slow

    brooklyn leebrooklyn lee4 dagen geleden
  • I love Kendall 😍😍

    Jule Marie NeunfingerJule Marie Neunfinger4 dagen geleden
  • How the fuck James speaks so fast!?😳

    samima chandnisamima chandni5 dagen geleden
  • October 2020-James looks so different now like his face is so much more toned and like I’m not being rude but his face is skinnier he looks a lot better

    Baylah DeLeoBaylah DeLeo5 dagen geleden
  • Hey James, If you notice me then my life will be complete, your my idol. I love you so much and I have been obsessed with you for a few years. Everybody says that if you have been watching since the start then your a true sister and that your a bigger fan, I don't believe this. Me and my best friend have sleepovers all the time and watch you constantly!!!! I love you so much! Your so pretty! Your really kind to everybody! My dream job is to work for you, I now that you will not notice me and you will not let me work for you because I am a kid! :D You inspire me James!!!! Notice me please!! I wish the best for you in your extraordinary life!! Love from Sister Mia!!!!

    iiMxaiiiiMxaii5 dagen geleden
  • I watched this vid again and james if u see this i wanns say that ur supposed to use eyeliner for the moles and only do a few

    Zahra AminahZahra Aminah6 dagen geleden
    • What? Sorry but im confused

      gh0st.gOürlgh0st.gOürl2 dagen geleden
  • James tiene un chupeton en el cuello

    Carolina CastañedaCarolina Castañeda7 dagen geleden
  • When James said that the eyeliner he applied was a total fail Me: james you haven't seen me putting my eyeliner and how it comes out.

    Kritika MaharajKritika Maharaj8 dagen geleden
  • Ok when jordtn name comes James be like😬😬😬

    Soumya RaiSoumya Rai8 dagen geleden
  • I thought im the only person that brushes my lips using toothbrush

    styxシstyxシ8 dagen geleden
  • You look sister SNATCHED

    Iron ManIron Man8 dagen geleden
  • i have to be honest i have nothing to say but for some reason i just wanted to comment to supspificly for just THIS video

    Chitra FernandoChitra Fernando8 dagen geleden
  • Háj sziszterz

    Kovács-Hoffmann BálintKovács-Hoffmann Bálint8 dagen geleden
    • Oké

      Kovács-Hoffmann BálintKovács-Hoffmann Bálint8 dagen geleden
    • Meg is nézem most

      Kovács-Hoffmann BálintKovács-Hoffmann Bálint8 dagen geleden
    • Érdemes megnézni

      Kovács-Hoffmann BálintKovács-Hoffmann Bálint8 dagen geleden
    • Tudom

      Kovács-Hoffmann BálintKovács-Hoffmann Bálint8 dagen geleden
    • Ki nem

      Kovács-Hoffmann BálintKovács-Hoffmann Bálint8 dagen geleden
  • 4:18 HIS FACE WHEN SHE SAID THAT🤣🤣 Teehee love you sister❤️

    theepicwhatisnottaken Yaytheepicwhatisnottaken Yay8 dagen geleden
  • Damn the eye thing looks beautiful. Couldn't focus on anything else.

    YUKIEYUKIE8 dagen geleden
  • He's only 20🤨

    Insha HafeezInsha Hafeez8 dagen geleden
  • He talks alot and very fast!! Break break break

    Sidra AhmedSidra Ahmed9 dagen geleden
  • James: I don’t think this would work for a lot of people like me Everyone else: James SHUT UP ur bursting with beauty

    Phebe ReudterPhebe Reudter9 dagen geleden
  • You did so much talking! I hate it!!!🙄🙄🙄

    Rezel MagallanesRezel Magallanes9 dagen geleden
  • i wish your background is not white lol but still love you pretty! :)

    Mia AvergonzadoMia Avergonzado9 dagen geleden
  • What brand highlighter did James use? 9:07

    IconcalistaIconcalista10 dagen geleden
  • ✨🔥💕

    Truly BeautyTruly Beauty10 dagen geleden
  • this ain't hate but he looks like a tortilla de harina ly

    utmost cvutmost cv10 dagen geleden
  • Heyyyyy James Charles!!! Binge watching your videos, love this!!!

    Rosie OettliRosie Oettli10 dagen geleden
  • i want to watch this video but im sorry james, i just cant get past the hair

    Nicole CalabroNicole Calabro10 dagen geleden
  • Girl you look so good!!👍😘

    HONEY BEEHONEY BEE10 dagen geleden
  • hello

    hadia shahhadia shah10 dagen geleden
  • James eyebrows be like: _-

    Amorie TerryAmorie Terry11 dagen geleden
  • Why did he make a face about the Victoria’s Secret part lmao

    Liv 123Liv 12311 dagen geleden
  • KITTY GIRL your eyebrow loooookk THHHIQQQ

    supermady21ablesupermady21able11 dagen geleden
  • I really had to check if I accidentally switched the speed. But no, he speaks that fast. (Don't get me wrong. He can speak as fast as he wants, but I am not american so I really noticed it.🙈😂)

    HopeForA MiracleHopeForA Miracle11 dagen geleden
  • who's here from 2020 😌

    Mariana MontoyaMariana Montoya11 dagen geleden
  • Which cream highlighting stick is James using ?

    Ana PenaAna Pena12 dagen geleden
  • james, we need millie bobby brown with uu

    Gabi PavlovićGabi Pavlović12 dagen geleden
  • that contour pallet is nasty

    Avonlea HouseAvonlea House12 dagen geleden
  • Follow ur make up hacks James, u are a CELEBRITY

    eyvah Ibrahimeyvah Ibrahim12 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone not notice james spell vogue as vogue👁👄👁

    Amber Jane Chin MinAmber Jane Chin Min13 dagen geleden
    • Vouge *

      Amber Jane Chin MinAmber Jane Chin Min13 dagen geleden
  • OMFG i just choked when you said ole henriksen...

    helena Reinhardthelena Reinhardt13 dagen geleden
  • Pov: your watching this while looking through the comments on your bed

    POP CORNPOP CORN13 dagen geleden
    • How’d you know

      Katie MeadowcroftKatie Meadowcroft2 dagen geleden
    • Yup while eating hot cheetos too

      ElaineElaine3 dagen geleden
    • Why is that me though

      Megha PatilMegha Patil3 dagen geleden
    • Everything, just not only bed lmao

      Rhea BanerjeeRhea Banerjee5 dagen geleden
    • omg this EXACTLY what I'm doing lol

      s gajjalas gajjala6 dagen geleden
  • You speak so fast kk quase não entendo

    Stefanny OliveiraStefanny Oliveira13 dagen geleden
  • is he rappin

    shar.shar.13 dagen geleden
  • Is it me or in his intro 'charles' is not spelled right?

    Tasfia Tafannum RaisaTasfia Tafannum Raisa13 dagen geleden
  • Looks stunning❤❤❤

    Lusine GalstyanLusine Galstyan13 dagen geleden
  • I always do concealer with my hands

    Autumn RoseAutumn Rose13 dagen geleden
  • Talk less!!!!

    Noor ul ain abidNoor ul ain abid14 dagen geleden
  • James: this is a fail Me: in my sofa with my elf makeup

    Thaanyasri SurashThaanyasri Surash14 dagen geleden
  • Hey James Here a hack for the moles before you add your powder draw them and that’s what I do and i try to make it to look as good as I can you are the best youtuber ever love you

    It'sjustSkylerIt'sjustSkyler14 dagen geleden
  • God bless you so much gorgeous

    Mischa NelMischa Nel14 dagen geleden
  • if you would have follow any one of them it would be good

  • Ee

    Mariam SheikhMariam Sheikh16 dagen geleden
  • Eiwowo

    Mariam SheikhMariam Sheikh16 dagen geleden
  • Imagine getting a heart from James.......

    Ryann NicoleRyann Nicole16 dagen geleden
  • Hi! I am a new subscriber and I got to say your vids are amazing uwu

    ytaverasytaveras17 dagen geleden
  • This is my favorite look of yours, most probably because I favor the more natural look, but I think it looks strange on you, as I'm used to see you with a more... Original? Exotic? look.

    Mélodie BernardMélodie Bernard17 dagen geleden
  • His teeth are brighter than my future.

    LazybirdLazybird17 dagen geleden
  • he's got a sister hickey

    April StephensApril Stephens19 dagen geleden
  • When he removes that clear mask it reminds me of when I used to put glue on my hand and peel it. Did any of u guys used to do that?

    Health AwarenessHealth Awareness19 dagen geleden
    • Yesss

      Cecilia MartinezCecilia MartinezDag geleden
    • Omg yeas

      Martha LilyMartha Lily5 dagen geleden
    • me

      your worst enemy ÙwÚyour worst enemy ÙwÚ7 dagen geleden
  • the fact that you are 21 y old and sssniper wolf is 27..............

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  • 5:42 awwwwwww sister I hear u

    kasidy cunninghamkasidy cunningham20 dagen geleden
  • My name is Jenae 😃

    Jenae GodinaJenae Godina22 dagen geleden
  • I like watching make up hacks but I don't know how to make up. 😭

    Nur RistrianingrumNur Ristrianingrum24 dagen geleden
  • sister James you look so beautiful

    simone neubergsimone neuberg24 dagen geleden
  • That looks so good 😍

    Vannesa BatinganVannesa Batingan28 dagen geleden
  • Hi sisters 😂💜💜

    فانز ترافي الخرافيفانز ترافي الخرافي28 dagen geleden
  • Omg james charles is so pretty

    Samantha 19Samantha 19Maand geleden
  • Idk why.... But whenever I watch his make up videos I’m so calm😐

    Nicholas EdnessNicholas EdnessMaand geleden
  • omg i have the exact same roller like same color same design, EVERYTHING!!!

    Eileen BaltesEileen BaltesMaand geleden
  • Can you please make a video on basic rules of makeup for beginners

    syeda hudasyeda hudaMaand geleden
  • Can we just stop and notice how smooth and beautiful skin James has.... Like seriously😃

    Yusra HasanYusra HasanMaand geleden
  • If I don’t watch James Charles for a day or more I panic like wtf has quarantine done to me I’m stuck to him like glue! I even bought his merch SOMEONE STOP ME

    Mikaaa xMikaaa xMaand geleden
  • james: I'm sure that pops up in ur yt to what pops out in my yt : the scare crow... | ROBLOX

    sxphia k.sxphia k.Maand geleden

    oopsitzlucyoopsitzlucyMaand geleden

    oopsitzlucyoopsitzlucyMaand geleden

    oopsitzlucyoopsitzlucyMaand geleden
  • James u were the one who got me into makeup!!

    Jiya AgarwalJiya AgarwalMaand geleden
  • This look is so beautiful and I really love it It's so naturally beautiful😇 I love you sister james💜

    Atena kAtena kMaand geleden
  • What about rihanna??

    Teesha DomahTeesha DomahMaand geleden
  • Me after seing the thumbnail :Is that a silicon?

    Nicole SalongaNicole SalongaMaand geleden
  • 9:12: I- Is that who I think it is...?

    MemeAliCiOUSMemeAliCiOUSMaand geleden
  • Did anyone noticed the beeping sound ...or is it just me 🙄

    Shraddha DiwateShraddha DiwateMaand geleden
  • can we just appreciate the way he said ''nasty'' lol

    Sarai McCartneySarai McCartneyMaand geleden
  • Vogue: Vogue Vogue in this video: *Vouge*

    Elizabeth GammonElizabeth GammonMaand geleden
  • I m addicted to ur channel

    Mamun Azam BarbhuiyaMamun Azam BarbhuiyaMaand geleden
  • What is that face mask?

    LexiLand 106LexiLand 106Maand geleden
  • How does he not have ANY dark circles???

    Victoria EspinosaVictoria EspinosaMaand geleden
  • Hey James my name nicholas Moore my Instagram is La.Onik_ with the 20k giveaway i would pay off my grandmother insurance and with the rest of the money i would head for my dream to be a makeup artist and NLworldr i would be so grateful for the opportunity and my grandmother would too

  • I was today years old when i found out that selena gomez lives next door to James Charles! Like *literally that's the biggest flex*

    Sawera AliSawera AliMaand geleden
  • literally, James does not realize that he is a celebrity himself

    Glitters ParadiseGlitters ParadiseMaand geleden
    • @IDK Bros Studios what why??

      Anindita BiswasAnindita Biswas10 dagen geleden
    • Be careful, he got in trouble for being called that last time 😂 nah jk

      IDK Bros StudiosIDK Bros Studios12 dagen geleden