Testing Viral Makeup Hacks!!

16 jun. 2020
6 650 695 Weergaven

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I decided to test out a ton of viral makeup hacks! I always see ads on Instagram or Tik Tok for these products that claim to make makeup sooo much easier, but will they actually work or are they a huge scam!? Enjoy!
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  • I can't put on makeup because I have an eye illness ☹But at-least I have you to keep me going :) I mean like to watch your joyful videos LOL

    Hannah RowlesHannah Rowles2 uur geleden
  • i am 9 but i love watching his makeup vids

    Christina LussierChristina Lussier10 uur geleden
  • james you HAVE to make merch out of "shore" lol

    Eden KinchEden Kinch11 uur geleden
    • I'd buy it

      Eden KinchEden Kinch11 uur geleden
  • It's my birthday on 16 Jun 2020

    Laiba SharifLaiba Sharif15 uur geleden
  • Good night sister

    Dorian Yamir VasquezDorian Yamir VasquezDag geleden
  • Good night

    Dorian Yamir VasquezDorian Yamir VasquezDag geleden
  • For the makeup brush spinny thingy! I have it and I clean my brushes like normal and use the bowl to rinse and dry (:

    Diamond SantiagoDiamond SantiagoDag geleden
  • I- James is wearing socks as a shirt... this was a few months ago. Apparently quarantine was getting to him already

    Varian The AlchemistVarian The AlchemistDag geleden
  • I think your makeup looks great! 😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️☺️🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Hunny Bunches :3Hunny Bunches :3Dag geleden
  • James: ~* hacks actually work out~* Me: ~*sister shooketh~*

    Sorry ,I’m cuter then youSorry ,I’m cuter then youDag geleden
  • Hi thisters

    Audrey KarchnerAudrey KarchnerDag geleden
  • JAMES:now we will be dipping in this shade called “tampon Me:when did the person who created this pallet think about at that time?? TAMPON?????

    Lolwa Al-ThaniLolwa Al-ThaniDag geleden
  • I literally love you! I have a GBF and i dumped my homophobic boyfriend for him. I just can't be with someone like that.

    Jayci MageeJayci MageeDag geleden
  • Hi

    Aracely NunezAracely Nunez2 dagen geleden
  • james pls do a among us make up tutorial

    bhavya gargbhavya garg2 dagen geleden
  • idk how you did it but you made all those life hacks that failed, actually look good by the end

    Star Crossed LoverStar Crossed Lover2 dagen geleden
  • I love james Charles hairstyle

    Katty's OwnKatty's Own2 dagen geleden
  • The point he takes events from the actual video instead of clickbait, love you James! (Your perfect)

    Maya meOwMaya meOw2 dagen geleden
  • ‘That’s Bella Hadid’ AHAHAHAHA

    Lana AnaLana Ana2 dagen geleden
  • 4:48

    Bubba Tae_kookBubba Tae_kook2 dagen geleden
  • is he wearing socks?

    Emily NormanEmily Norman2 dagen geleden
  • James: don't sniff solution no. 1 me: Buying the product just to smell that😂

    Ritasha SharmaRitasha Sharma2 dagen geleden
  • Can I like get his nails and makeup skills 💋💅🏻

    Violet TaylorViolet Taylor2 dagen geleden
  • But James I don’t have eyebrows

    Cianna LaurenceCianna Laurence2 dagen geleden
  • v

    Tacoree HowardTacoree Howard2 dagen geleden
  • 1:58 that was haunted

    NITHYASHRI .V VI B 4242NITHYASHRI .V VI B 42422 dagen geleden
  • can I have your snap please and phone number?

    Sophie LloydSophie Lloyd2 dagen geleden
  • Can we talk for a moment about his beautiful freckles?

    NatanNatan2 dagen geleden
  • Where did u get the palette from? You know the one that was $20 and had 250 shades

    Terri KloseTerri Klose3 dagen geleden
  • You look so much prettier without makeup on I adore your freckles

    coconut jincoconut jin3 dagen geleden
  • James: *sniff* EEUGH Me watching at 3am: oh sugar TURN DOWN

    HxppyGurlHxppyGurl3 dagen geleden
  • happy happy happy

    Thatsnotvery_Wizardl ytThatsnotvery_Wizardl yt3 dagen geleden
  • A shade called tampon?! 🤣

    Taylor TourreuilTaylor Tourreuil3 dagen geleden
  • James what’s your favourite colour

    Hollie Dream 123Hollie Dream 1233 dagen geleden
  • Hi sister James Charles

    Hollie Dream 123Hollie Dream 1233 dagen geleden
  • No entendí ni kk no se inglés :v Pero le queda chido el maquillaje 👍

    Yos LeyvaYos Leyva3 dagen geleden
  • I love you James

    Maisie McgonnellMaisie Mcgonnell3 dagen geleden
  • Who also got the BTS music video ad

    korah nayakorah naya3 dagen geleden
  • It makes me wonder what janes is like not on camera

    Mystic TiahMystic Tiah3 dagen geleden
  • You r so pretty

    Shafana ZamanShafana Zaman4 dagen geleden
  • I could not take James serious with that tape on

    Soccer BossSoccer Boss4 dagen geleden
  • with the hella dry eyes

    theunpoliticalravenclawtheunpoliticalravenclaw4 dagen geleden
  • can I confuse you? *you never read this*

    bananaboi jungubananaboi jungu4 dagen geleden
  • it is snowing where i am tho

    princess potterprincess potter4 dagen geleden
  • He never put the link below for the brow lamination thing.

    Jocelyn MarowelliJocelyn Marowelli4 dagen geleden
  • The whole time you had the eye brown thing I couldn't take you serious because it looked so funny lol

    Lylian NaimeLylian Naime4 dagen geleden
  • the tip that made my make up game forever was just to use james charles X morphe pallete

    ALPHAALPHA5 dagen geleden
  • ive tried those same magnetic lashes and i absolutely hate them but i also tried the magnetic liner and lashes and they work sooo good and stay on really well and i love them

    Rylan ClaxtonRylan Claxton5 dagen geleden
  • 3:39 James looks cute 😍

    N .KN .K5 dagen geleden

    {{ Tinsley }}{{ Tinsley }}5 dagen geleden
  • stop saying hi sisters

    Rayan Abras 4a BrogårdaskolanRayan Abras 4a Brogårdaskolan5 dagen geleden
  • 9:39 oop why does it say that

    -Skyler Clouds--Skyler Clouds-5 dagen geleden
  • Omg I like your videos

    Jashe SarkerJashe Sarker5 dagen geleden
  • It’s look good don’t say that ok James

    Ayesha KanwarAyesha Kanwar5 dagen geleden
  • The names of the eyeshadow's LOL 😂

    Charlie KaessCharlie Kaess5 dagen geleden
  • 10:03 Dang, "bArBiE wAs aReStEd"

    a random persona random person5 dagen geleden
  • I hate u

  • I cannot take James seriously with cling wrap stuck to his face

    Ellie TEllie T6 dagen geleden
  • James where did you get that outfit it is so ADORABLE. And I have been watching you for about 4 years and you are litteraly such an inspiration

    Chloe KlevgChloe Klevg6 dagen geleden
  • “called barney was arrested”

    mae’niyah williamsmae’niyah williams6 dagen geleden
  • James Charles and Joey Graceffa are basically the same person

    Cornett JoryaCornett Jorya6 dagen geleden
  • “Barney was arrested” had me dead 💀💀💀

    Aubrey EppsAubrey Epps6 dagen geleden
  • James: "brings out the contouring thing" Me and the person behind the camera at the same time: it's a flamingo

    Clara AmirClara Amir6 dagen geleden
  • That outro was a bop

    Sophie FrancisSophie Francis6 dagen geleden
  • wow, very cool !

    Ben and Ez Proctor and ObranBen and Ez Proctor and Obran6 dagen geleden
  • James next time do your videos alone, the voices in the room are fucking annoying

    Anonimia AnotherAnonimia Another6 dagen geleden
  • Correction: it’s not tampon it’s tony lopez

    Zoey ShumakerZoey Shumaker6 dagen geleden
  • i love you so much james keep doing hardwork and best of the luck.

    hamda babarhamda babar7 dagen geleden
  • “My brother starts making fun of James Charles Me:YOU QUESTION THE WORDS OF THE ALL MIGHT JAMES

    Marley StonerMarley Stoner7 dagen geleden
  • Idk if its just me but i literally lover ur intro

    Liv LondonLiv London7 dagen geleden
  • put some on your esy

    Syraije JacksonSyraije Jackson7 dagen geleden
  • so i had my volume down and i swear i could hear James' intro

    Leprechaun RatLeprechaun Rat7 dagen geleden
  • i love james hes soo funny dont eeever jugde him

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  • wHy iS jaMeS weAriNg sOcKSs aS a ShIrT

    Gabriella MontanteGabriella Montante7 dagen geleden
  • James Charles is so funny. Like every single video I have always make me laugh.

    Kirsty AlfredKirsty Alfred7 dagen geleden
  • Notice how James looks at almost every Comment but just ignores them👁👅👁

    Mrs SunsetMrs Sunset7 dagen geleden
  • love your channel

    Vilte BaltrusaityteVilte Baltrusaityte7 dagen geleden
  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!! i watch him becuae he is james charles not for MAKEUP!

    llama girlllama girl8 dagen geleden
  • I really love your nails

    Tia GriffinTia Griffin8 dagen geleden
  • he makes eyeshadow look so easy to do eee

    CottonCandySnowCottonCandySnow8 dagen geleden

    Jasmin CosplaysJasmin Cosplays8 dagen geleden
  • Why are people disliking the video

    Elise JessamynElise Jessamyn8 dagen geleden
  • James has more and more freckles every time i see his videos😍 lol

    JakieLarisa VigilJakieLarisa Vigil8 dagen geleden
  • When he said "chemical reaction" idk why but I thought his eye brows were going 2 fall off😂

    fleecy menderfleecy mender8 dagen geleden
  • I love James

    Ocpaa DancersOcpaa Dancers8 dagen geleden
  • opaque!

    ふがくきょふがくきょ8 dagen geleden
  • The rainbow/ pastel one would look SO good with lashes 😻

    Lxfe.means_ SylviaLxfe.means_ Sylvia8 dagen geleden
  • I can do as wing just fine I just cant actually line my eye Am I the only one?

    Abbey StewartAbbey Stewart8 dagen geleden
  • Can’t we just talk about how I ADORE his FRECKLES

    Kay_ Luv_Kay_ Luv_8 dagen geleden
  • I love the eyeliner stamp haha, I use it quite often lmao. Its personally helped me learn how to do winged mascara

    MaryLiz LeskowiczMaryLiz Leskowicz8 dagen geleden
  • James Charles is living proof that the quality of the makeup or the brushes dont matter- it's the hand behind them.

    Eve SissonEve Sisson8 dagen geleden
  • watermelen plese

    Fear_xDFear_xD8 dagen geleden
  • I’m not very fond of dating the same gender and I don’t believe in it but james videos are 🔥

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  • Bro that shirt is fire

    Riggy DurhamRiggy Durham8 dagen geleden
  • I couldnt hear him .. he talks so fast

    kavi bromiikavi bromii8 dagen geleden
  • James' freckles are the cutest thing ever!

    《 M.U.S.H Comics 》《 M.U.S.H Comics 》8 dagen geleden
  • Do I smell it again it was in the video

    Brian McMurrayBrian McMurray8 dagen geleden
  • HA HA YOLO 😅🤣😅😂

    Brian McMurrayBrian McMurray8 dagen geleden
  • Everyone talking about the shade called "Tampon" But what about the shade literally called *"Barney was Arrested"*?

    Diamond TeelDiamond Teel8 dagen geleden
  • i, before hated this man. now i watched a video and i love this channel :')

    0h_Gurl0h_Gurl8 dagen geleden