SURPRISE! We Got A New Puppy!! 🐶

4 sep. 2020
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HI SISTERS! Today's video is a vlog of our journey getting a new puppy and best friend for Finn! We've been thinking about it for months now and we finally found the right addition to the family. Enjoy and suggest us names down below!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • If your still struggling with the potty training I recommend getting on a constant schedule, like going outside starting at 9:00 and every 2 hours. Your pupper will get used to the schedule and know exactly when he’ll have the chance to go to the bathroom! I have 3 black labs I would know 😂❤️

    KęęgãnXx GachaKęęgãnXx Gacha20 minuten geleden
  • Scout is my dogs name

    Gacha dream catcherGacha dream catcher37 minuten geleden
  • This video made me so happy!

    TrueWolfGirlTrueWolfGirl40 minuten geleden
  • Not espeak español

    Leticia ChicoLeticia Chico49 minuten geleden
  • quinn

    jcontini11jcontini11Uur geleden
  • Omg i have French bull dog

    Darla CastanedaDarla Castaneda2 uur geleden
  • Theo

    Sheila Richards-PerezSheila Richards-Perez2 uur geleden
  • If you want to know how for your puppy to swim first have a bathtub for your little puppy then let him try to swim in that lake if it’s a little bit deep let him try to swim in that then if he gets used to it put them in the pool

    wniteny alinawniteny alina2 uur geleden
  • the way i got my dog use to the water was we took a stick ( he loves balls and sticks) (you can also use a toy he likes) and so we threw it in the water(shallow area) then he would win to get it....

    Bunny GamingBunny Gaming3 uur geleden
  • On iMessage

    Watari MaxwellWatari Maxwell4 uur geleden
  • Hi James your puppy is so cute and I’m such a big fan

    Grace PatrickGrace Patrick5 uur geleden
  • Aaw

    Patricia CarvajalPatricia Carvajal5 uur geleden
  • This pup reminds me of my cute black lab (named Marshall) but he died😭😭

    Shubhangini .D. ShekharShubhangini .D. Shekhar5 uur geleden
  • If u want to teach ur dog’s how to swim u have to show them that it is not scary to go in the water

    3kidd13kidd15 uur geleden
  • So CUTE!😌😁❤️

    Audrey StarsAudrey Stars6 uur geleden
  • Put on your dog and pull around the pool

    Joe KeoughJoe Keough6 uur geleden
  • I have three Yorkies

    Joe KeoughJoe Keough6 uur geleden
  • and a hug

    TAC__PlazTAC__Plaz6 uur geleden
  • if i like ever video can i get a cookie

    TAC__PlazTAC__Plaz6 uur geleden
  • your my favorite youtuber ever all i want to do is give you a big hug

    TAC__PlazTAC__Plaz6 uur geleden
  • I do makeup for you like to put mascara on your eyelashes

    Joe KeoughJoe Keough6 uur geleden

    Harlie CaldwellHarlie Caldwell6 uur geleden
  • James make sure you feed it everyday but not to much that can make it get fat and who lilkes a fat dog I know not me

    Mariah BennettMariah Bennett7 uur geleden
  • Has anyone realized that when he got finn His hair was light blonde, just like finn's. Now his hair is black, and so is the pupperz- coincidence? I think n o t

    TheBluPomeranian GachaTheBluPomeranian Gacha7 uur geleden
  • Hunter is perfect for him

    Daisy PlayzDaisy Playz8 uur geleden
  • He is so cute but macke sure you give asmuch atenshon to fin to plssssssss even thoue he is new and it can be very esy to ttry not to and give atcnshon to both equwaly

    Alice GommoAlice Gommo8 uur geleden
  • Elvis name the pop Elvis

    Adev HarveyAdev Harvey9 uur geleden
  • Name the dog Rambo

    Nicole LondtNicole Londt9 uur geleden
  • I would love a puppy, especially black

    deepu georgedeepu george9 uur geleden
  • I think chocolate and my cats named pepper XD it white grey and black

    Among UsAmong Us10 uur geleden

    BilliebairdoconnelllBilliebairdoconnelll10 uur geleden
  • How to get the dog love the water:take a treat and show it to pup and then jump in the pool does it works pls tell me 🤔

    Kdkdis Uwuwuw7Kdkdis Uwuwuw710 uur geleden
  • so we're gonna ignore how good james looks here?

    Maryam RashidMaryam Rashid11 uur geleden
  • you can get a small pool and it will siwim

    Katelyn CorderoKatelyn Cordero11 uur geleden
  • everyone whos reading this,,,,may you and your parents have long life. . . . .

    1k sub's before November Challenge.1k sub's before November Challenge.11 uur geleden
  • omgggggggg hii im a bigg fan omg i lovee youuuuuu

    Brianna ReyesBrianna Reyes11 uur geleden
  • MY DOG JUNO IS A BLACK LAB AND she looks the same as ur dog

    XB Twins 001XB Twins 00111 uur geleden
  • The new puppy is really cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jarrod NixonJarrod Nixon13 uur geleden
  • The dog said:ATTACK

    Caroline MartinCaroline Martin14 uur geleden
  • Puppy

    gigi alicogigi alico14 uur geleden
  • I literally was just watching finikin's first vid on cam

    toysfun kidstoysfun kids15 uur geleden
  • so ur a boy

    Megatyblox crewMegatyblox crew15 uur geleden
  • Name him Lio it’s really a good name

    Ibrahim KhachabIbrahim Khachab16 uur geleden
  • OMG!! Sister, you are so amazing!! Your makeup is always ON POINT! You inspired me to be the person that I am. I love you Sister!! (I wish I could do my makeup that good)

    Aussie StormAussie Storm18 uur geleden
  • he is the cutes thing ever i have a dog and she was also that small and cute

    micaela van niekerkmicaela van niekerk18 uur geleden
  • awwww i love animals they are so cute

    micaela van niekerkmicaela van niekerk18 uur geleden
  • With the water you just get one of his fav toys and throw it in that’s what we do with our dog

    Joanne BakerJoanne Baker18 uur geleden
  • You just have to keep calm with him

    Joanne BakerJoanne Baker18 uur geleden
  • I think you just have to splash it that's how we gat our dog to lover water

    London BeilingsLondon Beilings19 uur geleden
  • The puppy looks like my puppy

    Ellen LoveridgeEllen Loveridge19 uur geleden
  • Start by dipping them in really shallow water worked for me😊🧸

    -Elzy --Elzy -20 uur geleden
  • All dogs LOVE side tummy rubs!🤘

    -Elzy --Elzy -20 uur geleden
  • THEO pleaseee🐮🥺

    Natalie SNatalie S23 uur geleden
  • I like your hair white

    Wolves DarknessWolves Darkness23 uur geleden
  • I have two puppies and Wednesday and Lilly 👯‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️ and Lenz

    Delise PerezDelise Perez23 uur geleden
  • I would get him a life jacket

    Abby OwenAbby Owen23 uur geleden
  • we have a new puppy she is a yellow lab

    Lauren BiebelLauren BiebelDag geleden
  • I got a bull dog french too hes name is lola :)

    10634 Valeria Martinez Uzcategui10634 Valeria Martinez UzcateguiDag geleden
  • زجاتك النار انشاء الله

    Falah AliFalah AliDag geleden
  • يا وصخ

    Falah AliFalah AliDag geleden
  • ليه كذا تسوي نفسك بنت

    Falah AliFalah AliDag geleden
  • Love Theo

    Sophie LeamySophie LeamyDag geleden
  • You should name him prancer

    B BB BDag geleden
  • What type of dog is finn

    B BB BDag geleden
  • to get the puppy in the pool get a treat and go in the pool and the puppy will hopefully follow you into the pool and do that for maybe a week or so and the puppy should start to understand!.

    Gladys DiazGladys DiazDag geleden
  • You bought a dog, you didnt adopt a dog!! HUGE difference!! Now you killed a perfetly fine dog because they vouldnt find him a new home ...

    Negle LirNegle LirDag geleden
  • You should name him scout

    Elise JessamynElise JessamynDag geleden
  • You should name him scout

    Elise JessamynElise JessamynDag geleden
  • put them in a dog life jacket and put them in the water. That how my dog learned how to swim or go into the water.

    Carmen LeggettCarmen LeggettDag geleden
  • I have a lab mixed with a corgi and a German Shepard

    Sophie LeamySophie LeamyDag geleden
  • Go off queen :>

    Koalo playzKoalo playzDag geleden
  • At 1:54 the truck has a dog on it lol

    Jessenia GarciaJessenia GarciaDag geleden
  • just let the puppy explore the water he will like it more that way

    Mari HollyMari HollyDag geleden
  • haveing older dogs definitly helps training puppies cause the puppies will watch the older dog and copy what they do

    Mari HollyMari HollyDag geleden
  • James: I did the unthinkable! I let the pup sleep on the bed! Me: *Lets my dog sleep next to me literally every friken night* Also Me: I didnt know lettin ur dog sleep with u is unnatural..

    St’s_littleGirlSt’s_littleGirlDag geleden
  • Put treats in the whater

    Nahla BrownNahla BrownDag geleden
  • *haven't watched the whole video because I have stuff to do* But if you're looking for a name.. I really like the name Prince! What do you think? :3

    ___A K A S H I______A K A S H I___Dag geleden
  • i know-how

    Genevieve TrinhGenevieve TrinhDag geleden
  • Take them to the beach

    AEB BitarAEB BitarDag geleden
  • What's his name?

    Bethany BleasdaleBethany BleasdaleDag geleden
  • To warm you’re dogs up to the warmer is if u get a harness and hold the top of the harness wilsed he’s swimming

    Unicorn SquadUnicorn SquadDag geleden
  • Who's not scared of dogs? *Not Me*

    101101Dag geleden
  • Throw in his fav toy

    VLOG with Izzy !VLOG with Izzy !Dag geleden
  • Oms the first night with Finn was my birthday

    Abby-Rae GlosterAbby-Rae GlosterDag geleden
  • Idk if ur like trying to train him any more but with my puppy (golden doodle) (1year) to train her we always said “leave it” if she had something she shouldn’t or if she was nipping people, but that is really helpful

    Ashley GAshley GDag geleden
  • 3:52. AWWWWW that yawn was soooooooooooooooo cute I think its a yawn i dont know any thing about puppy's lol 6:40 Finn was sooooo small

    Madison CesaireMadison CesaireDag geleden
  • he is so cute i think his name should be Theo

    Joanna CaskeyJoanna CaskeyDag geleden
  • What Finn is doing is good because puppy’s is will listen to adult dogs better than humans so let Finn keep doing it.

    Rosemary TaylorRosemary TaylorDag geleden
  • My name is Theo 💅😜 yes yes, i give autographs. i will sign "james' dog ❤"

    Theo RaduTheo RaduDag geleden
  • You are. Amazing JAMES I love the new puppy and also Finn so adorable

    Norris AlwayNorris AlwayDag geleden
  • Call him puppy or Georgie

    Norris AlwayNorris AlwayDag geleden
  • All of the cute!!!

    Mirjana NikolicMirjana NikolicDag geleden
  • so cute🥰

    Annabel GwilliamAnnabel GwilliamDag geleden
  • James you should call the puppy Morphy 🐕‍🦺❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💟🤍🖤💕💞💓💗💖💘💝

    Letty's Sparkle Make UpLetty's Sparkle Make UpDag geleden
  • At 8:13 omg his little tung Ahhhhh

    Janely CisnerosRuizJanely CisnerosRuizDag geleden
  • 8:17 y’all see the puppy is hitting him

    GIGIGIGIDag geleden
  • Your new family member is ADORABLE😍 Teething is definitely a time doggos try to chew and bite a lot of things (we also talk about this in the Pocket Puppy School app), so it is awesome to see that you have so many toys for the little one to chew on. A Kong is also a great chewing toy, 100% recommend😊 Oh, also the bathing part where Finn decided to join and most likely regretted it 😅

    Pocket Puppy SchoolPocket Puppy SchoolDag geleden
  • Have Finn and the new pup sleep together so they can get use to cuddling!

    Maleah CouteretMaleah CouteretDag geleden
  • Omg, I love labs, I have a yellow lab and he is a darling!

    eliza martin-jatsekeliza martin-jatsekDag geleden
  • James: Maybe we will get you a diamond collar. My dog with a regular collar: :(

    Keerthana GurivireddyKeerthana GurivireddyDag geleden