Recreating My Followers Makeup Looks

19 mrt. 2019
8 802 413 Weergaven

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I asked you guys to tweet me your favorite creative makeup looks and I recreated them using the James Charles x Morphe palette. I hope you enjoy these mini-tutorials and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • So pretty !

    Alyssa NguyenAlyssa Nguyen5 uur geleden
  • Um I have only foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, and a bunch of brushes and blenders, any idea how I can do a cute makeup look for Halloween, I am going as Uma from Descendants

    Yene Seufert-WhiteYene Seufert-White11 uur geleden
  • “By acatwith2heads” me reading the name “Its acatwith2dreads????”

    Take.Dripper ._.Take.Dripper ._.13 uur geleden
  • :James: ITS WORKING! :me being like🤨: Your James Charles why would it not work?

    Kyera StanleyKyera StanleyDag geleden
  • Hi!

    Sunshine_ RobloxSunshine_ RobloxDag geleden
  • Hi sisters

    Brianna garrettBrianna garrettDag geleden
  • Was I the only one who noticed he was cross eyes

    UR moM daMoN SaLvAtOReUR moM daMoN SaLvAtOReDag geleden
  • Me only watching the hole video staring at his eyebrows because they are not the same

    Mariam kandilyMariam kandily2 dagen geleden
  • My favorite thing about James is that he says regardless instead of irregardless

    Madelyn HarterMadelyn Harter3 dagen geleden
  • James had me ordering stuff at school. Btw: My mom said it was gonna be my late birthday present😂

    um child anyways child anyways so.3 dagen geleden
  • Is it crazy that I can tell he uses a different editor now? Such an industry thing to notice. gross. haha. I love his current editor. Props to you whoever you are. You're killing it sister!

    SarahSarah7 dagen geleden
  • 17:11 Me: uh oh flashback mary is coming back..

    Momo `Yaoyorozu`Momo `Yaoyorozu`7 dagen geleden
  • 8:52 Y.E.S

    {{• honey lemon •}}{{• honey lemon •}}8 dagen geleden
  • Who’s not going to not talk about him keep on saying a little bit of.... like ten times not hate btw

    Jayda GreenJayda Green9 dagen geleden
    • 😂😂😂

      Jayda GreenJayda Green9 dagen geleden
  • Hey James Quarles please call me because I was trying to get in touch with you if it's okay if you can call me is height sister

    Kelly ScrogginsKelly Scroggins10 dagen geleden
  • how do you draw on your face 👁👄👁 i can barely draw on paper 🤠👍

    naan playznaan playz10 dagen geleden
  • ________ __________ __ ____ __ _____ __ _______ __ ________. ____________ D stand for chips and Dip

    Roblox Entertainment ProductionsRoblox Entertainment Productions10 dagen geleden
  • James: * Gets louder * Me: Turns down sound James: * Talks lower * Me: *Sigh* Turns up sound James: * SCreAms * Me: Turns down sound really low James: * Whispers * Me: EeEeEeEeeEeeeeeRedDrRreEevbsnsnsvanjshdvsbsnbbsbnsnsnndhsjsnbsvdjjsbsgdhshbdnsjsjdhbdbdnsjdhsujwnsieieehjwoqoqpppwbdbvsndbdbhahwvevevsbbebebebdvwbbebebdvfvrbnsnakk~!

    PupquakePupquake11 dagen geleden
  • It would cool if you could do a Animal crossing gameplay! :D (If yes pls shout this out UwU )

    PupquakePupquake11 dagen geleden
  • I gtg

    Jessie OlanickJessie Olanick11 dagen geleden
  • your really quiet i letterally turned everything up that i could and still can hardly hear you and my system is loud...

    Rachael BaitkinRachael Baitkin11 dagen geleden
  • Who is watching this October 2020

    Michael Jackson is Innocent ForeverMichael Jackson is Innocent Forever12 dagen geleden
  • Me: How does his makeup look so good, Oh right he’s James Charles THE ONE AND ONLY🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Isabella Rodriguez MedinaIsabella Rodriguez Medina12 dagen geleden
  • James: Hi sisters Me: omg you are so cute and I love how much you love your biggest fans love you sister ❤️😘💖💕 James: this is trash Me: no it is the bom not trash

    love you too lollove you too lol12 dagen geleden
  • Jacked

    KoutaKouta12 dagen geleden
  • Lol jacked skin 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    KoutaKouta12 dagen geleden
  • pov: ur watching this 'recreating my followers makeup looks' after watching part 2

    I'Shawna ShepardI'Shawna Shepard13 dagen geleden
  • he should become a model

    Alexandra LockeAlexandra Locke14 dagen geleden
  • Bruh i need the JAMES CHARLES makeup

    Teeba TariqTeeba Tariq14 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Paisley MerryweatherPaisley Merryweather15 dagen geleden
  • This is how many subscribers he will have by the end of 2020

    Letitia PurdonLetitia Purdon15 dagen geleden
  • 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚜𝚘 𝚋𝚎𝚞𝚝𝚒𝚏𝚞𝚕 ♡︎ like15 dagen geleden
  • i love you makeup or not

    Dorya WhartonDorya Wharton16 dagen geleden
  • He’s basically trying to do better than his followers to show that he can do better

    Kayla MorenoKayla Moreno16 dagen geleden
    • He's just appreciating his follower by trying to recreate their looks. His followers basically wanted him to do this imao 😑

      Mystery MemeMystery Meme15 dagen geleden
  • Do euphoria

    Extra SpiceyExtra Spicey17 dagen geleden
  • James u have to stop being insecure about your fore head ! You are beautiful the way you are !!!!

    Shannon MccruddenShannon Mccrudden18 dagen geleden
  • James , you should make a video of you making a whole face of makeup with JUST your makeup plate ! I think that would be so fun and it seems like such a cool idea 💖💗🦋

    Shannon MccruddenShannon Mccrudden18 dagen geleden
  • James in every video: OH MY LITERAL GOD

    Isabelle BingerIsabelle Binger18 dagen geleden
  • I LOVE yoor make ups

    Valentina Gutierrez menecesValentina Gutierrez meneces19 dagen geleden
  • this is probably the slowest james has every spoken before

    Julia GrodzickaJulia Grodzicka21 dag geleden
  • I love how he literally put a paint palette on his face and said it was simple... 😮

    Greenish BeanishGreenish Beanish21 dag geleden
  • That first look was amazing!!!!

    Greenish BeanishGreenish Beanish21 dag geleden
  • 2:47 need to blow your nose lol😂

    Quadelya BridgesQuadelya Bridges22 dagen geleden
  • I asked my grandfather to opinion about that video and he said:"Being cheerful and smiling makes his art stand out even more." I think my grandfather's one of your fans.......

    Rudolph Alexandre GlenRudolph Alexandre Glen22 dagen geleden
  • ooooo his make up at the start is hidiose

    Meina MooMeina Moo22 dagen geleden
  • James: That looks awful Me: Looks pretty good

    Bria QuinnBria Quinn23 dagen geleden
  • I never know what james means when he say oh my god!!!!!

    Bria QuinnBria Quinn23 dagen geleden
  • *Literally 99% won’t see this : Your amazing and wonderful, stay safe during this rough times🕊🕊*

    2k Subs Before 20212k Subs Before 202123 dagen geleden
  • *Literally 99% won’t see this : Your amazing and wonderful, stay safe during this rough times🕊🕊*

    2k Subs Before 20212k Subs Before 202123 dagen geleden
  • 11:10 that sound effect thoooo

    Abigail SmithAbigail Smith23 dagen geleden
  • the ads watching me impatiently waiting to watch the video: 👁👄👁

    anabellie torresanabellie torres23 dagen geleden
  • I csnt believe how talented you are James! Wow ICON 😯

    Christina NielsenChristina Nielsen23 dagen geleden
  • 6:54 sissins?

    teehee inekeNelteehee inekeNel24 dagen geleden
  • Pin this if you love your fans

    Jillian BarrettJillian Barrett25 dagen geleden
  • my sis also has a big forehead. it was especially visible when she was a baby. tbh it made her look even cuter!! embrace it sweetie!!❤️

    nicole dutchmennnicole dutchmenn25 dagen geleden
  • James is just a makeup GOD! Like how does he do this?

    Katherine MullenaxKatherine Mullenax25 dagen geleden
  • James Charles: make sure you stay tuned to the end of the video Me: nah bro ima just skip to the end

    Flying JojoFlying Jojo25 dagen geleden
  • You make it look so easy

    talia ivkovictalia ivkovic25 dagen geleden
  • Oml pause at 0:50 u won't regret it

    Ella BillikElla Billik25 dagen geleden
  • James I’m buying ur makeup palette in a makeup store I’m so exited I hope there’s still left!!!!!!!

    Ash CondeAsh Conde25 dagen geleden
  • Pppp pop ppp

    Suga is everything :3Suga is everything :326 dagen geleden
  • No cabe duda de que james se maquilla hermoso Woao 👌💜

    Sandra Leon EspinosaSandra Leon Espinosa26 dagen geleden
  • I really wish I was you

    gary gwashgary gwash26 dagen geleden

    Rafka AttiehRafka Attieh28 dagen geleden
  • 21:06 yEeEeEeEeEeEe

    Layla GraceLayla Grace29 dagen geleden
  • That was soooooooo cute and pretty

    Nazareth Hernandez MartinezNazareth Hernandez Martinez29 dagen geleden
  • you are the best girl

    Cody ForbesCody ForbesMaand geleden
  • how much are the Helen E cosmetics pigments ?

    Denice RamosDenice RamosMaand geleden
  • Me: Shows my mom my report card My mom: 3:30

    GachaPlace YTGachaPlace YTMaand geleden
  • Don't worry u are not the only one watching this during quarantine

    Meabh EnrightMeabh EnrightMaand geleden
  • If u dislike james charles video's it just means ur jealous and gives him even more confidence just sayin

    Jaylynn GaffneyJaylynn GaffneyMaand geleden
  • First off let me start off saying I love u my Instagram is la.onik_ I would love the opportunity to be one of the winners for the 100k giveaway what I would do with 20k I would pay off my grandmother insurance and I would put the rest up to follow my dream to be a makeup artist and a youtuber just like you I would make you and everyone I love proud

  • James. I have hooded eyes AND the “Asian eye fold”. Help....

    Emily ShiremanEmily ShiremanMaand geleden
  • When will your bucket hat be back in stock

    Camille PlayzzCamille PlayzzMaand geleden
  • Take a shot every time James says "a little bit of"

    KatieKatieMaand geleden
  • woooooow

    Naiara UnicornioNaiara UnicornioMaand geleden
  • I love the way how you start your every video by saying hello sisters.

  • U have fans from India to Like this if anyone Indian here 👇🏻👇🏻

    MINI JOYMINI JOYMaand geleden
  • Omg I love his looks but did someone notice 2 things- 1. He is opening his eyes very small and 2. He blinks a lot. Obviously no hate to anyone

    Swarnika MishraSwarnika MishraMaand geleden

    Haylee RobbinsHaylee RobbinsMaand geleden
  • omg these makeup looks turned out soo gooddd!!

    Lexi SmollenLexi SmollenMaand geleden
  • Okay

    Suzanne JoinsonSuzanne JoinsonMaand geleden
  • who's gonna tell him that he could've jus written loading normally and inverted the camera....

    Raxhel LeeRaxhel LeeMaand geleden
  • hey who so ever is reading this hope u r safe and healthy!!

    Subtle artSubtle artMaand geleden
  • anyone in sep 2020?

    Subtle artSubtle artMaand geleden
  • Hi

    Charli DemilioCharli DemilioMaand geleden
  • Me who thought I was early..👁💧👄💧👁

    Its Lilac GachaIts Lilac GachaMaand geleden
  • Love you sister💌💌💌

    Eytyxia-Sofia GemenetzidouEytyxia-Sofia GemenetzidouMaand geleden
  • He said flashback and I said flashback Mary

    Ellie HamiltonEllie HamiltonMaand geleden
  • Blah bb blah blah

    Brianna WalkerBrianna WalkerMaand geleden
  • Playback speed 0.25 Then click 3:28 and just watch

    TheLife METheLife MEMaand geleden
  • Did any body notice the loading logo on the thumbnail

    VadeShade PlayzVadeShade PlayzMaand geleden
  • Don’t be shy let me borrow the talent

    Anyssa DownesAnyssa DownesMaand geleden
  • I showed my mom this video and she said “ omg he is so pretty and look how good he does makeup!”

    Wade PetersonWade PetersonMaand geleden
  • Can we just appreciate how fabulous he looks on that thumbnail yall!!

    Richie TozierRichie TozierMaand geleden
  • I like

    Tina BlevinsTina BlevinsMaand geleden
  • 14:10 make that a look.

    iAmSerenaiAmSerenaMaand geleden
  • Go down for funny moments

    10k Subscribers no videos10k Subscribers no videosMaand geleden
  • 2:42 I don't know my own shades of my palete ~

    10k Subscribers no videos10k Subscribers no videosMaand geleden
    • 3:40 he is doing the 4th color

      10k Subscribers no videos10k Subscribers no videosMaand geleden
    • 3:29 he drops his palete

      10k Subscribers no videos10k Subscribers no videosMaand geleden
  • James Charlie’s has 1 brothers but 21 million sisters.