Rapping My Makeup Routine

8 nov. 2019
2 704 114 Weergaven

HI SISTERS! Here's a video I bet you'd never see coming... RAPPING MY MAKEUP ROUTINE. 🔥 Enjoy as I spit bars through every step of my makeup routine... the other rap girls could NEVER. ;)
INSPIRED BY KATHLYN CELESTE!!! Check out her incredible video!! » nlworld.info/stream/zyrNGiPTivg4sxUrRRmbCg.html
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Why do he look so smug on the thumbnail though💀😭😂

    Emily ElrodEmily Elrod20 minuten geleden
  • Whoever dosen't like this are you ok????????????????????????????

    nilva lobatonilva lobatoUur geleden
  • I saw so ahook when sister james starting rapping i'm like omg SISTER SNAPPED

    Savannah ColeSavannah Cole2 uur geleden
  • Damon that was good

    Curvia JohnCurvia John7 uur geleden
  • No❤️

    Rebekah McBrideRebekah McBride8 uur geleden
  • Rappers tryna put makeup can watch this

    『R』『i』『n』『R』『i』『n』 『C』『h』『a』『n』『R』『i』『n』『R』『i』『n』 『C』『h』『a』『n』13 uur geleden
  • Am I the only one who thinks this is impressive

    BlockGirly GamerBlockGirly Gamer13 uur geleden
  • This made me cringe so hard

    Vale ArevaloVale Arevalo23 uur geleden
  • Like my comment if you think James should get a nose ring

    Hadassah Hudson-HendersonHadassah Hudson-HendersonDag geleden
  • Who's here in quartine

    Shamerya BrushShamerya BrushDag geleden
  • Everyone is talking about the “yoyoyo sisters” but can we take a moment to appreciate: “In infamous words once said bye sisters” I-

    ParamythParamythDag geleden
  • wow james u r a god

    Kimberly BalkKimberly BalkDag geleden

    bakudeku shiperbakudeku shiperDag geleden
  • Oh james-

    cillaaaッcillaaaッDag geleden
  • James-

    Pxchy_girlx RobloxPxchy_girlx RobloxDag geleden
  • I don’t know how long he made this but THOS BROWS NOOOO I love his channel but da brows ;-;

    VALERIA RamirezVALERIA RamirezDag geleden
  • All I need to say is that James raping is litterly on fire 🔥😂 its like so good

    •{ShadowPuppet}••{ShadowPuppet}•Dag geleden

    mcdonalds.dqmeliomcdonalds.dqmelioDag geleden
  • Oh no...

    A HA HDag geleden
  • it sounds so good on 1.25x speed and 1.5x speed, thank me later 😌

    vellichxrr.vellichxrr.Dag geleden
  • im not reachel ray but its tim to bake me: yes

    ashley gardnerashley gardnerDag geleden
  • why does this not have more veiws

    eliana glazereliana glazerDag geleden

    Debra MunroeDebra MunroeDag geleden
  • can I get this on spotify?

    Mr.NightWolf2006Mr.NightWolf2006Dag geleden
  • Omg I am so sorry dude but this is a bit much

    Stella AmesStella AmesDag geleden

    Cimorelli LoveCimorelli LoveDag geleden
  • Why did he sound like jojo dies when he said yo-yo sisters at the end-

    Ynx_ WeirdYnx_ WeirdDag geleden
  • I'm sorry but cringe but I love u still

    Cammy playsCammy playsDag geleden
  • Go girl

  • James : YO YO YO SISTERS Me: what the heck I LOVE IT YASSSSS!!! Lol

    Natalie ArreolaNatalie ArreolaDag geleden
  • no efence but you are the worst rapper

    leeleethegodd squadleeleethegodd squad2 dagen geleden
  • its fire science teacher

    Lana Loves RobloxLana Loves Roblox2 dagen geleden
  • No♥️

    Aaliyah MooreAaliyah Moore2 dagen geleden
  • don't do the head bobing no more

    Lauren ButlerLauren Butler2 dagen geleden
  • I luv u james

    Moiz SaqibMoiz Saqib2 dagen geleden
  • james head: im not going to do im just thinking about it hours later: i did it

    ILiana RojasILiana Rojas2 dagen geleden
  • Ayeeeeeeeeeee PERIODTTTTT!!!!!!!

    McKenzie DavisMcKenzie Davis2 dagen geleden
  • Idk but i felt like he's gonna laugh at this 5years later Yo yo yo sisters😂

    Brenda lBrenda l2 dagen geleden
  • dang, when he said, "use code james for 10% off." i knew this was getting serious

    JanetJanet3 dagen geleden
  • I think he was rapping the whole video 😧😂🦋

    No BodyNo Body3 dagen geleden
  • my god sister can rap tho-

    AngelqlowAngelqlow3 dagen geleden
  • What The Heck Lol 😅😅😅

    Camitube 29Camitube 293 dagen geleden
  • Siissssssastttttttaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr THAT WAS FYYYYEEEEeAaaAAa🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Owned it🎶😍

    MickEeez GameZMickEeez GameZ3 dagen geleden
  • James Rapping Just Got Real

    GigafidanGigafidan4 dagen geleden
  • Hi Sister

    Shannon GillettShannon Gillett4 dagen geleden
  • 2020?

    Summer JordanSummer Jordan4 dagen geleden
  • Wow this is so good

    Nadwa JamaNadwa Jama4 dagen geleden
  • Isn't rapping supposed to be fast? But this is how a normal person talk, 😅 he raps slower than he talks (No hate)

    Anushka dattaAnushka datta4 dagen geleden
  • He killed this tho

    Jordan CaptainJordan Captain4 dagen geleden
  • U can’t rap! James:hold my pallet

    Katîe RavenclawKatîe Ravenclaw4 dagen geleden
  • Man if James had something to rap about her step sisters to this would be just wow-

    nikki le idiot ಥ‿ಥnikki le idiot ಥ‿ಥ5 dagen geleden

    NeyNeySquad4EverNeyNeySquad4Ever5 dagen geleden
  • Badass James Charles 😎✌️👉👈

    Angeli RamirezAngeli Ramirez5 dagen geleden
  • YO yO sisterrrrs :me what the heck James 😑

    Tinkas ToysTinkas Toys6 dagen geleden
  • Woooow didn't know that u can rap so well!!! love u!!!

    Hargun kaurHargun kaur6 dagen geleden
  • You go sister

    Gacha Galaxy wolvesGacha Galaxy wolves8 dagen geleden
  • It wasn’t that bad until he said yoyosisters

    KennedyKennedy9 dagen geleden
  • im gonna change this to my grandpas ringtone

    auxeliaauxelia9 dagen geleden

  • mr smalls honestly rap

    ashikaga or whatever.ashikaga or whatever.9 dagen geleden
  • Watch this in 1.5x speed

    Sara TaurusSara Taurus9 dagen geleden
    • @english broken lol

      Sara TaurusSara Taurus7 dagen geleden
    • Em 😑😂

      english brokenenglish broken7 dagen geleden
  • no hate but those editing though😂😂😂😂

    Alessandra GuzmanAlessandra Guzman10 dagen geleden
  • I'm uncomfortable

    PIZZA ROLLSPIZZA ROLLS10 dagen geleden
  • When you just look up words that rhyme on google

    Lrd VaderLrd Vader10 dagen geleden
  • lmao what

    Bernie Plays RobloxBernie Plays Roblox10 dagen geleden
  • Me: vibin to the rap James: Yo Yo SisTERs CHILE YOU JUST RUINED THE WHOLE THING

    Palak GurbaniPalak Gurbani10 dagen geleden
  • Me: vibin to the rap James: Yo Yo SisTERs CHILE YOU JUST RUINED THE WHOLE THING

    Palak GurbaniPalak Gurbani10 dagen geleden
  • Omg I love the dollar tree chains😍

    Madeleine AkersMadeleine Akers11 dagen geleden
  • wow just wow

    Amanda RoyAmanda Roy11 dagen geleden
  • ayyyyy

    Zahra BourgeoisZahra Bourgeois11 dagen geleden
  • Your rapping was hot I loved it

    Camilla GCamilla G11 dagen geleden
  • i love sassyness

    Elizabeth BernardElizabeth Bernard12 dagen geleden
  • Sister James Charles You are so funny lol 😂💖

    Shaniah WilliamsShaniah Williams12 dagen geleden
  • Are you a girl or a boy???

    Tony LeoTony Leo14 dagen geleden
  • ...

    Lovepreet kaurLovepreet kaur14 dagen geleden
  • Anyone watching this during quarantine cause they just don't know anymore

    Maria WadeMaria Wade14 dagen geleden
  • why does he talk faster than when his rapping? hahaha

    voooftruKvoooftruK14 dagen geleden
  • i am scared

    Meagan JackmanMeagan Jackman15 dagen geleden
  • eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk it's soooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood

    •Pakiza Hamid••Pakiza Hamid•15 dagen geleden
  • Hip hop sister james😆

    رهف حكمترهف حكمت16 dagen geleden
  • I'm literally speechless 😳👑🙏

    Veruu Nebo JakVeruu Nebo Jak16 dagen geleden
  • Can we talk about the fact that he said "countless shades" and then proceeded to say how many shades there were in the next line. James kinda sus.

    Rebecca RichardsRebecca Richards17 dagen geleden
  • Him trying to act cool in the beginning is so cringe 😬 Not trying to hate I love him but I just thought it was funny

    Prerna AnandPrerna Anand17 dagen geleden
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Aishwarya PrabhakarAishwarya Prabhakar17 dagen geleden
  • James- I wanna do something instead of "Hi, Sisters." Drew- Well its a rap video, what about "Sup Sisters?" James- .O. I got it. Yo Yo Yo- Comments- So you've chosen death

    BubblelicousBlingBubblelicousBling17 dagen geleden
  • this is not rap its just rhyming words😂

    Jacqueline AnyuonJacqueline Anyuon18 dagen geleden
  • You're looking for 3:00 😏😏😏

    Riverlyn FrankRiverlyn Frank18 dagen geleden
  • That was actually enjoyable even though it was not really rapping, it was more like monotonously speaking on beat. I was genuinely loving it until the “ yo yo yo sisters”. I paused there and I will not continue

    BBQChickenBBQChicken18 dagen geleden
  • That was actually enjoyable even though it was not really rapping, it was more like monotonously speaking on beat. I was genuinely loving it until the “ yo yo yo sisters”. I paused there and I will not continue

    BBQChickenBBQChicken18 dagen geleden
  • The rap ended really well, like that reference 😉 ... But then-

    Shruti SinghShruti Singh19 dagen geleden
  • im cute

    paige williamspaige williams19 dagen geleden
  • that wad wow you should fashion ikea cant spell

    paige williamspaige williams19 dagen geleden
  • Eminem is quaking!

    JamesJames20 dagen geleden
  • Your a good rapper

    Sasha FofanaSasha Fofana21 dag geleden
  • Give this man a medal

    that one owl house nerdthat one owl house nerd21 dag geleden
  • Omg that's so good!!

    Mae ApplegroveMae Applegrove21 dag geleden
  • Ngl this is kinda bars LMAO

    Chadie AdlerChadie Adler21 dag geleden
  • You should do another video with Addison Rae

    Laeyah GovenderLaeyah Govender21 dag geleden
  • yOYo sISteRs

    Mamie WeinfurtnerMamie Weinfurtner21 dag geleden
  • We love those lashes james

    Mamie WeinfurtnerMamie Weinfurtner21 dag geleden