James Charles Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

20 dec. 2019
8 150 205 Weergaven

HI SISTERS! I recently found out that I was the THIRD most Googled person in the world this year... insane. 💀 I figured with that many searches, there must be a lot of questions too. Inspired by WIRED, I decided to answer the web's most search questions! Enjoy!
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GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • HERMANAS! Si quieres un otro video en español, dale un 👍🏼👍🏼 al video 👀

    James CharlesJames Charles10 maanden geleden
    • Hold up you played foot ball?

      craziest neptunescraziest neptunes7 dagen geleden
    • hwhe

      i c ei c eMaand geleden
    • James charles your so beautiful I hope I can do really good makeup like u when I'm older

      Norah CartinNorah CartinMaand geleden
    • For those people that's don't know what he is saying he said that if you want him to do another Spanish video

      xxXckockie playsxxXckockie playsMaand geleden
    • No hablo espanol

      an avacado thanksan avacado thanks3 maanden geleden
  • Hey james this is my moms account i am actually born on May 23rd to i am nine years old

    jaya lijoshjaya lijosh38 minuten geleden
  • James Charles won’t never reply that shows he doesn’t care about his fans he only cares about his makeup his boyfriend his self and his money duh I hate James I’ve hated him for so long 😑 ugh

    Laylah Plays Roblox !Laylah Plays Roblox !Uur geleden
  • Always love your "hi sisters "

    dharsnadharsna6 uur geleden
  • Just wait till 2020..

    my cats are awesome and you are tomy cats are awesome and you are to10 uur geleden
  • Your birthday is the same as my mom’s

    Sophia MendesSophia Mendes13 uur geleden
  • I love your makeup in this vid!! The eye makeup is really cool

    Olive Miller MattisOlive Miller Mattis16 uur geleden
  • How come this video has so many dislikes!!! 😭😭 you deserve no dislikes

    Olive Miller MattisOlive Miller Mattis16 uur geleden
  • Is he a guy ?

    AvoK RiotAvoK Riot16 uur geleden
  • James I’ve heard people say ur marshmallow are u????🥰🥰🥰

    Exilly FRIDAY!Exilly FRIDAY!17 uur geleden
  • He thought 2019 was bad... Im here in 2020

    Skylar PlayzSkylar Playz18 uur geleden
  • i live in poland

    Vanessa NguyenVanessa Nguyen20 uur geleden
  • polish - poland

    Vanessa NguyenVanessa Nguyen20 uur geleden
  • Polish

    Grzesio ZgutkaGrzesio Zgutka21 uur geleden
  • James charles: 2019 has been quite a year!!! Me in 2020: WISH WE COULD TURN BACK TIME.....TO THE GOOD OLD DAYSSSSS

    TheKillerCamyronTheKillerCamyronDag geleden
  • Did he actually play for the lakers?

    Winter FoxWinter FoxDag geleden
  • That is actually the first video I watch from him, he is pretty cool

    Banana in PyjamaBanana in PyjamaDag geleden
  • Me and my cousin watch u all the time we love u so much we think ur always so positive

    daisy maedaisy maeDag geleden
  • He wanted to say 70% ass 😂😂😂😏😏😏

    Exotic Aaliayh_UwUExotic Aaliayh_UwUDag geleden
  • When James Charles say "Our family is not so Lil anymore " me "So I'm now an adult sis i thought I was a young sis duh "🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤📀🎹🎸🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎷🎺🎻🎤🎤🎻🎤🎤🎸🎤

    Hiba DiaHiba DiaDag geleden
  • I really wonder why he gets so much hate?? I mean he seems like a really nice person🤷

    Swostika MisraSwostika MisraDag geleden
  • He adopted that’s tuff

    CGthugahhCGthugahhDag geleden
  • 2020 for James: 23.1m 2020 for me: single and mentally and emotionally dead

    Ashley The LlamaAshley The LlamaDag geleden
  • Me watching in 2020 wishing to go back in 2019

    Unicorplushyi XxUnicorplushyi Xx2 dagen geleden
  • heyy ik this is delayed but....Lakers is a basketball team :) touchdowns and homeruns is softball and American football :)

    Chantelle Delgadillo NiliChantelle Delgadillo Nili2 dagen geleden
  • Questions start at 2:00

    squashers jsquashers j2 dagen geleden

    Danilop2010YTDanilop2010YT2 dagen geleden
  • James: 2019 was quite the year 2020: you have no idea man

    Emily CarrEmily Carr2 dagen geleden
  • you should do a speak myanmar and do a makeup tour

    shweshweu htun55shweshweu htun552 dagen geleden
  • I’m am so laughing dying I can’t breath properly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Michaella Xyrille GamoMichaella Xyrille Gamo3 dagen geleden
  • My birth is April and I’m aries ♈️ ZODIAC SIGN

    Michaella Xyrille GamoMichaella Xyrille Gamo3 dagen geleden
  • LOVE the makeup james!!!!

  • why dose he act like a gri;

    Ka'Leah DorseyKa'Leah Dorsey3 dagen geleden
  • Sister, sister, sister... That outfit does not match your makeup!!!

    Yushima NinaYushima Nina3 dagen geleden
  • my dads name is charles and his birthday was may 26th

    Bianca RoBianca Ro3 dagen geleden
  • James:2019has been quit an ear Us watching this vid in 2020:😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Joana GodallJoana Godall3 dagen geleden
  • anyone else watching this in 2020 crying

    Bianca RoBianca Ro3 dagen geleden
  • That eye makeup is truly iconic 🦋💫✨

    bhumika sainibhumika saini3 dagen geleden
  • video en españooooooooooooool

    Rebeca Beizaga TorquemadaRebeca Beizaga Torquemada3 dagen geleden
  • Me watching him saying quite a year and now he's saying I wish we could go back to 2019 lol

    Linnae UrbinaLinnae Urbina3 dagen geleden
  • Charles you are so trash (weirdo)

  • "Touchdowns" and "Homeruns" for the LAKERS - James Charles

    Tulika ChandraTulika Chandra4 dagen geleden
  • Little did he know .... 2020😖

    trista rousetrista rouse4 dagen geleden
  • O my god this kid is a man

  • Is he acting a girl

    Hamza Yaradanguliyev IsmayilHamza Yaradanguliyev Ismayil4 dagen geleden
  • Hey James

    Kim RofkahrKim Rofkahr4 dagen geleden
  • My birthday is may 24 and James is may 23

    Aubrey McCallAubrey McCall4 dagen geleden
  • Damn your eyes be lit 🔥 though

    Ally QueenAlly Queen4 dagen geleden

    BitchDot OrgBitchDot Org4 dagen geleden
  • I’m a Gemini I’m June 4th

    Brittany CrickmoreBrittany Crickmore4 dagen geleden
  • One time I accidentally called you lames Charles

    Luna The CutieLuna The Cutie4 dagen geleden
    • Bye the way you aren't lame UwU

      Luna The CutieLuna The Cutie4 dagen geleden
  • When ppl watch this in 2020 XD

    Nights Not DaysNights Not Days4 dagen geleden
  • This was quite enjoyable to watch. Loved his humor, makeup. and how he keeps it clean.

    Meleane HinganoMeleane Hingano4 dagen geleden
  • ´

    Esther Ghaly • vor 10 JahrenEsther Ghaly • vor 10 Jahren4 dagen geleden
  • if only james new what was coming in 2020

    Debra BeeDebra Bee5 dagen geleden
  • He did not know what was going to this year 🙄🤔💖btw love you make up sooooooo much love you 💖❤️

    TBickford2009TBickford20095 dagen geleden
  • My birthday is in may 14

    socorro garciasocorro garcia5 dagen geleden
  • Are you marshmellow

    socorro garciasocorro garcia5 dagen geleden
  • "is james charles single" "no" well thats about to change 😉 THIS IS JUST A JOKE THAT CAME TO MIND

    itz christinaitz christina5 dagen geleden
  • I just found out that James Charles and I have the same birthday date (23rd May)

    WHITE- -TIGERWHITE- -TIGER5 dagen geleden
  • James: 2019 has been a mess Me: you haven't seen anything yet. *sigh😒

    Zeely SchwartzZeely Schwartz5 dagen geleden
  • Omggggggggg itttss mmmmmyyy bbbbb.ddddddaaaaaayyyyyy

    Raya DragnevaRaya Dragneva6 dagen geleden
  • James can you do a video in Polish because im from Poland

    Julia RybickaJulia Rybicka6 dagen geleden
  • Little dose he know in 2020........

    potatoes for JJpotatoes for JJ6 dagen geleden
  • bruh this shit for real James: 2019 was quite the year *2020 comes* 2020: you were saying?

    mare tokicmare tokic6 dagen geleden
  • You got killed by technoblade and pewds got killed tooooLMAO😂😂😂

    Monhorgil samuraiMonhorgil samurai6 dagen geleden
  • Hi James so I’m from the future I’m in 2020 let’s just say you should be lucky that you’re in 2019 and you don’t wanna go to 2020

    T BoneT Bone6 dagen geleden
  • Bruh your a copycat lol

    Kenny BartlettKenny Bartlett6 dagen geleden

    Raixny BeeRaixny Bee6 dagen geleden
  • I like how you said “2020 is gonna be good” Honey you’re a wrong very wrong

    Kel TuckerKel Tucker6 dagen geleden
  • Looking about at this i wish i had told him to not get to excited on 2020

    Ariana BarbosaAriana Barbosa6 dagen geleden
  • Me be like oh shit 2020

    Butera's WorldButera's World6 dagen geleden
  • You are a visco girl

    Molly’s ChannelMolly’s Channel6 dagen geleden
  • why james why just why did you say 2020 is going to be a good year take it back

    Georgia marquiisGeorgia marquiis6 dagen geleden
  • James ,She,s so nice iwould like to be in the show Abby welcome to the club

    Neldin CambroneroNeldin Cambronero6 dagen geleden
  • 'The amount of touchdown and homeruns I got for the lakers' Ok, so correct if I am wrong Lakers= basketball Touchdown= Football Homerun= Baseball James Charles = Purest human on the planet 😂❤️

    shreya gosaliashreya gosalia6 dagen geleden
  • Love you 😍

    Navya AgarwalNavya Agarwal7 dagen geleden
  • No you are not single because you got us

    Navya AgarwalNavya Agarwal7 dagen geleden
  • Wait James played sports!?!?!?:o

    craziest neptunescraziest neptunes7 dagen geleden
  • Who is also watching in 2020 and think oh james 2019 is just the start

    Sandra WhiteSandra White7 dagen geleden
  • Me no Tran, is big man

    DΩGSΨS musicDΩGSΨS music7 dagen geleden
  • I'm a Gemini my bday is June 9th

    Crazykrista 101Crazykrista 1017 dagen geleden
  • James Charles: 2019- it’s been quite the year 2020: Am I a joke to you?

    ferro boyceferro boyce7 dagen geleden
  • Oh, hell no!!! James Charles becomes a dance Mom? You all lose, have a nice day! 😂

    Elisa DinsmoreElisa Dinsmore7 dagen geleden
  • Omg James your birthday is 2 days after my brother birthday and 7 days before my birthday

    Mahek ChokshiMahek Chokshi7 dagen geleden
  • yo tambien se como hablar español

    daisy Salazardaisy Salazar7 dagen geleden
  • James I love your look this is not going to be a hater comment I just wanted to say 10 out of 10 I love your look and you should do it more time and in the future love sister Daisy

    daisy Salazardaisy Salazar7 dagen geleden
  • And I searched and the first thing I saw was is James Charles marshmallow

    Karingtin GuillaumeKaringtin Guillaume7 dagen geleden
  • You would want to be in 2019 forever cause 2020 is how do I say it.. cOroNaViRuS

    Karingtin GuillaumeKaringtin Guillaume7 dagen geleden
  • Why do I wink 😉 with the intro

    Ayzria !!!Ayzria !!!7 dagen geleden
  • 2020 sucks

    Ayon Sabbir Alam 4Ayon Sabbir Alam 47 dagen geleden
  • This isnt WIRED ? Oh..

    Ma1n SkMa1n Sk8 dagen geleden
  • He share same birthday as me

    Helly DesaiHelly Desai8 dagen geleden
  • I am looking back at video's before this year and crying...

    Dr. Heinz DoofenshmirtzDr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz8 dagen geleden
  • James James James.. be careful what u wish for. :/

    Always KawaiiYTAlways KawaiiYT8 dagen geleden
  • Your net worth is 12 mill bruh 👻

    Tyreek MartinTyreek Martin8 dagen geleden
  • If only he knew what was coming with 2020....

    Ava StillwellAva Stillwell8 dagen geleden
  • You want to go back to 2019 I swear take it back

    Kailee GroneKailee Grone8 dagen geleden
  • *Don’t you dare say he copied someone*

    Zach_ SamaZach_ Sama8 dagen geleden
    • He copied someone

      Cactus PersonCactus Person7 dagen geleden
  • 5:42 im not tran I am man.....str8 facts

    jeremiah siitiajeremiah siitia8 dagen geleden