Going To Work With My Dad For A Day (we demolished a bathroom 🤮)

13 mrt. 2020
4 894 848 Weergaven

HI SISTERS! After teaching my parents Tik Tok Dances, my dad wanted to take over my channel and bring me to work with him for a day. My job is filled with glitz and glam, but his involves demolition, building, power tools, nasty spaces, and a whole lot more. In today's video, I go to work with him for a day and we demolish a bathroom. Enjoy as things get real messy.
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • can we talk about how james' mom looks like catherine o'hara?

    91NK1391391NK1391345 minuten geleden
  • Why can't all of our parents be like James parents they seen so supportive and nice

    neolovergirl rwbyneolovergirl rwby6 uur geleden
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    Rubí KasthenyRubí Kastheny9 uur geleden
  • The poor mirror is insulted by him he said it was from 1854

    Dijana NezirovicDijana Nezirovic10 uur geleden
  • Love this video!

    Michelle C.SMichelle C.S13 uur geleden
  • James, almost being Butch. Don't break a nail sis!

    John DíazJohn Díaz21 uur geleden
  • James the builder.

    LMG GamingLMG GamingDag geleden
  • damnn i learned more from Papa Charles than i have learned in my whole life xD

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  • was it me or was the bathroom small or was james just rly tall??????

    Dani DobeDani DobeDag geleden
  • But when they broke the bathroom they didn't have tools...and they had taco bell 7 hours ago 😳😳😳

    Jennifer RiosJennifer RiosDag geleden
  • Aw sweet

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  • at te start of te video i thought it was an ad-

    Nelah TrailleNelah Traille2 dagen geleden
  • Me watching this thinking how I know how to do this and I am only 13

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  • 👁 ❤️ U

    Layla OsborneLayla Osborne2 dagen geleden
  • Papa Charles must have a good job when he's stressed. He can just destroy a wall if he wanted to...

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  • I don't know about you James but I was going to say let's give it a little sister shake up😂😌👌

    Sweet_xx_forever ;-;Sweet_xx_forever ;-;3 dagen geleden
  • Welp if NLworld doesn’t work out I think I know what James is doing for a living

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  • james the handy man

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  • its honestly the pink tools for me

    helena Reinhardthelena Reinhardt3 dagen geleden
  • " aw thats my shoe..." "yea it iss"

    helena Reinhardthelena Reinhardt3 dagen geleden
  • Youre such a humble person ! And got a great heart. !!

    Rosee LiaRosee Lia3 dagen geleden
  • This would be like my dream job because I like to destroy things lol

    Official Lai LaiOfficial Lai Lai4 dagen geleden
  • James:bottoms are a pian in the a**. Me: well I wish I did not know what it means. TwT

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  • Either the bathroom is small or he’s just tall

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    Somebody you don't know and should probably ignoreSomebody you don't know and should probably ignore4 dagen geleden
  • imagine being able your james 's parents

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  • James : sounding like he doesn't like he doesn't like the job

    gacha diamondgacha diamond5 dagen geleden
  • james u did pretty good oh and also u dont have to leave a like on this comet

    Mia MignoneMia Mignone6 dagen geleden
  • I mean...my bathroom is right there....

    RoséRosé6 dagen geleden
  • -whispers- you did it

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  • Why did I decide on this to be the video I watch while eating my lunch

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  • Love this! Actually looked pretty fun!

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  • James was like “ooooooooooo I like destroying things”

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  • Funny moments

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  • That's nasty that he had you put the sponge In there, I'm a self employed contractor as well and the water in the tank is clean but the water in the toilet bowl is nasty. That water still has tons of fecal matter in it. If I remove a toilet in someones house I just use a shop vac and vacuum the water out.

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  • Lmao he fall asleep after a hour-work .

    Allison GutamaAllison Gutama8 dagen geleden
  • Okay, the house is very small or James is very very tall.

    Allison GutamaAllison Gutama8 dagen geleden

    Allison GutamaAllison Gutama8 dagen geleden
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  • funniest video ive watched of you

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    French ThotFrench Thot8 dagen geleden
  • yo viendo esto comiedo

  • Me chillin still trying to find where James charles lives so I can live with u

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  • He has an amazing relationship with his parents. I wish I had a relationship with my parents like that

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  • this was posted the day my school closed.... shame..

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    • And sledgehammers

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  • Awww I love this video! It’s so cute...❤️💙😍😍😍😍

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  • Awww I love this video! It’s so cute...❤️💙😍😍😍😍

    Shakira MccaffityShakira Mccaffity12 dagen geleden
  • i dont even know what my dad's job is.....

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  • I would love for my boyfriend to work for you ♥️

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  • james looking SOOOO uncomfortable 95% of this video and gasping the other 5% lol

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  • why are you wearing a mask

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  • ❤️❤️❤️Me encanto tú video , te felicito , yo tengo dos hijos y no quieren ir a trabajar con su papá, Dios te siga bendiciendo.

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  • I can smell that mmm cArMeL and omg MmMmmmm It StInKs

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