Doing My Makeup In An Escape Room

9 aug. 2019
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm combining my two favorite things: Makeup, and ESCAPE ROOMS! I'm a self-proclaimed escape room pro and I wanted to challenge myself and see if I can do my FULL FACE of makeup while solving an ESCAPE ROOM! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Can u imagine being in a escape room and a sister earthquake starts up

    Hoorain HaroonHoorain Haroon3 uur geleden
  • I think james mean the letter M

    Slarkio notyetofficialSlarkio notyetofficial2 dagen geleden
  • I was like omg where is your mask 😷 and then I’m like it’s not 2020😑😐

    Abigail SnowdonAbigail Snowdon3 dagen geleden
  • 8 out of 10

    Gracelynns WorldGracelynns World4 dagen geleden
  • This was filmed on my birthday 😱😱

    iilushxii - Robloxiilushxii - Roblox5 dagen geleden
  • James says escape room Me escape the night

    Cerys InnessCerys Inness6 dagen geleden
  • Your makeup came out amazing

    PARIS COSMEPARIS COSME7 dagen geleden
  • it looks good

  • James charles NLworld is an escape room that u can't get out of

    Katrina HoldenKatrina Holden9 dagen geleden
  • So creative!

    Ethie MendezEthie Mendez9 dagen geleden
  • Girl that foundation is perfect

    Emilee AwesomeEmilee Awesome9 dagen geleden
  • Omg I need you to teach me how 2 do escape rooms. I always lose :(

    JenniferTheCloudJenniferTheCloud10 dagen geleden
  • Yayyy... I joined the sisterhood❤️

    Angeline DeborahAngeline Deborah11 dagen geleden
  • definition of anxiety

    Racheal SegalRacheal Segal11 dagen geleden
  • Camera man: Your running out of oxygen James: Omg there is water in here I am going to drown ! Also James: Lemme do my eyebrows ...

    StephSZNStephSZN11 dagen geleden
  • I did an escape room once and we escaped with 25 minutes left! But.... We guessed one of the codes, one of the notes said ‘make me hot’ and we were meant to unlock a hairdryer, but I pressed it against the window....that was hot.... and we guessed another code and ripped a mannequins head off...🙃

    EmilyPlayz !!EmilyPlayz !!13 dagen geleden
  • james: itt's alright if im stuck here, at least i got my makeup

    Gacha _YeetGacha _Yeet14 dagen geleden
  • 10:30 died at james shouting "yEs pErfEct, AahAHa

    cheery blossomcheery blossom14 dagen geleden
  • I would love to see a regular escape room too

    inexperienced gamerinexperienced gamer15 dagen geleden
  • omg i found out who james charles best friend is................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. it is his

    Talia ValenciaTalia Valencia16 dagen geleden
  • I like how he is not worry about the oxegen going down but is worrid about his eyebrows😂

    Zainab IslamZainab Islam17 dagen geleden
  • уσυя мαкє υρ ℓσσкѕ ѕσ gσσ∂

    zea madenzea maden18 dagen geleden
  • 💜 🕳

    sophia smithsophia smith19 dagen geleden
  • Any one here in 2020 cuz I am

    AMBBER TeaAMBBER Tea20 dagen geleden
  • You guys remember Escape the Night? Joey graceffa's show. I'm 100% sure James would win and save everyone.

    VeenaVeena21 dag geleden
  • There's a zombie apocalypse and everyone is runny James talking to the zombie's: Hey sisters!

    Kay JKay J21 dag geleden
  • I would’ve cried if I was with James in the escape room

    Ahmad RajhiAhmad Rajhi21 dag geleden
  • Your sooooooo pretty

    Abigail GodderzAbigail Godderz22 dagen geleden
  • james make a nother vid like this i love it

    RUBY CastilloRUBY Castillo23 dagen geleden
  • james do one in a haunted houseeee!!!!!!

    laila hernandezlaila hernandez25 dagen geleden
  • 1:51 *los anthleges*

    s coozi ftws coozi ftw25 dagen geleden
  • @JamesCharles, you should brand a "Sister Cinch" bag, which would be a bag that we could put our makeup products (powder, spray, highlight, contour, etc.) in, and cinch to make a cute bag for on the go

    Gabriella French-HawkGabriella French-Hawk27 dagen geleden
  • this is crazy james

    mya pikemya pike27 dagen geleden
  • every five mins: (james nails) **CLICK**

    Laura AntoniLaura Antoni28 dagen geleden
  • 3:00 my new home screen

    scorpiongirlthingzscorpiongirlthingz28 dagen geleden
  • 2019: we almost have 16 mil!! 2020: *just got 22 mil*

    Madison SwinkMadison Swink29 dagen geleden
  • 15:44 i could not lmao

    scorpiongirlthingzscorpiongirlthingz29 dagen geleden
    • tricked ya

      scorpiongirlthingzscorpiongirlthingz28 dagen geleden
  • Don't come at me, but for the longest I wanted to know does James edit his own videos LMAO

    Janyla BerryJanyla Berry29 dagen geleden

    Leah's Gacha LifeLeah's Gacha LifeMaand geleden
  • it looks cool

    Monica SadaMonica SadaMaand geleden
  • upside down w? you mean a m??? Im dying that just made my day

    Sydney ByrdSydney ByrdMaand geleden
  • Hi Sisters, welcome back to my juju channel is what I heard 😂😂

    DafinitelyDafinitelyMaand geleden
  • Guy: I'm trapped James: love that

    JACKSONJACKSONMaand geleden
  • James: ItS SoOOOo HOt iN HeRE!! Me: Maybe take of your hoodie!😂😂

    Evie MoonEvie MoonMaand geleden
  • imagine being an escape room worker looking at the footage of the escape room and its james charles filming a makeup video omg

    SandroSandroMaand geleden
  • What would have been better was if he did it but he had to try and collect all the make up and find it all so at the end, the stuff he got he got to use.

  • The make up honestly looks really good for the amount of time that you had. Of course it's different on camera but I think it'd look good irl too.

    Skylie shadeSkylie shadeMaand geleden
  • Your foundation and whole look look the best I’ve ever seen

    Luke LewisLuke LewisMaand geleden
    • At the intro

      Luke LewisLuke LewisMaand geleden
  • I didn't get in an escape room cuz I'm not at the age of the escape room

    Malak El hamamsyMalak El hamamsyMaand geleden
  • i love ur make up in the into .PERIOD.

    AuxillanaAuxillanaMaand geleden
  • James: abra cadabra Potterheads: ikwhsksbejddhshsjsou PS: no hate❤️💕

    Tara SellesTara SellesMaand geleden
  • omgod james your still using your frikin hands and im not a step sister

    Victoria PerezVictoria PerezMaand geleden
  • they be in a dungeon trying to escape so their sister heads don't get cut off James: WAIT I'M DOING MY MAKEUP!!!

    Sweet Poison LolipopSweet Poison LolipopMaand geleden
  • He is so hot...

    Iva BrajkovićIva BrajkovićMaand geleden
  • i follow you in instagram and snamchat

    pinky cow vaneskapinky cow vaneskaMaand geleden
  • Call your hater step sister

    Sophie GarciaSophie GarciaMaand geleden
  • Did anyone notise he said "you channel" insted of "NLworld channel"

    Jennifer McCabeJennifer McCabeMaand geleden
  • oh and I followed you to on tiktok

    burtlan Lynchburtlan LynchMaand geleden
  • Im the 200k like! Omg lolz

    Byron RossByron RossMaand geleden
  • when he was shooting the door and things started to fall i jumped so hard i shook the whole car

    Jada HowardJada HowardMaand geleden
  • thats more like an escape house

    Heidi ParsonsHeidi ParsonsMaand geleden
  • If lewise’s sly comments are not the reason why I watch you I don’t know what is lol 😂jk love your vids 💕💕💕

    Itsyogurl JessItsyogurl JessMaand geleden
  • Hey name my name is nicholas Moore my Instagram is La.Onik_ i would the opportunity to be one off the 100k giveaway winner's what i would i do with the 20k i would pay off my grandmother insurance and with the rest of the money i would follow my dream to be a makeup artist and NLworldr influencer i promise too you and you gonna be pound of me in the future

  • James: talking to us before he went into the room me: Staring at the chicken little in the background the whole time XD

    Maddie MorganMaddie MorganMaand geleden
  • James should be in escape the night

    Nogueira JoaoNogueira JoaoMaand geleden
  • what about eyeshadow

    Olivia WrightOlivia WrightMaand geleden
  • hi sisters welcome back to my You chanell

    Chris MurphysChris MurphysMaand geleden
  • Houdini is my cousin great cousin

    Justeen RamosJusteen RamosMaand geleden
  • 0:02

    H x l o l eeH x l o l eeMaand geleden
  • He said hi sister welcome back to my you-ube channel 😂

    H x l o l eeH x l o l eeMaand geleden
  • You are sooo awesome that I always say to my family and frnds that, 'James charles is a LEGEND!' and your makeup looks awesome ❤️

    Neha ShrivastavaNeha ShrivastavaMaand geleden
  • love this!

    Paige carrollPaige carrollMaand geleden
  • I fell like water is going to rise..I hate stress

    xLenna the Demon wolfxxLenna the Demon wolfxMaand geleden
  • does anyone else find eldon incredibly hot?

    Dean KutzlerDean KutzlerMaand geleden
  • 2019: doing makeup in an escape room 2100: doing makeup on mars

    Lor BLor BMaand geleden
  • Your BUTAFUL

    Georgia LoutakisGeorgia LoutakisMaand geleden
  • Time me and my parents and some other family members and friends are going to do an escape room but we couldn't because we couldn't afford it

    pandafam pandafampandafam pandafamMaand geleden
  • Honestly I could have gone without the makeup portions. I kind of only enjoyed watching you figure out things. Thank you for the content James :)

    Skylar StateSkylar StateMaand geleden
  • We have something in common

    Starlight-StablesStarlight-StablesMaand geleden
  • You should do one in a haunted house

    amanda bayesamanda bayesMaand geleden
  • this is...... one of the best videos on the internet. there is so much going on omg

    HelenaHelenaMaand geleden
  • You should really be on season 5 of escape the night

    Gianna GuajardoGianna GuajardoMaand geleden
  • What editor do you use?

    Creative CamCreative CamMaand geleden

    Natalliyah ThomasNatalliyah ThomasMaand geleden
  • Oml Mykie should do thisssss! She loves stuff like this :o

    Joker RobloxJoker RobloxMaand geleden
  • Shelves for sale with an escape room in every now and it's ghetto names that you be locked up in a room with different clothes and head and people have it for you you have no clue what I escape room is or where everything is okay happy and then you and that buddy or even strangers whatever you're locked up and now we have to work together to basically solve the puzzle escape the sleep room

    Rooimiertjie LandsbergRooimiertjie LandsbergMaand geleden
  • Everyone trying to escape James:lemme do my makeup

    Shaila MenonShaila MenonMaand geleden
  • 2:50 his wheeze killed me

    Eleanor MooreEleanor MooreMaand geleden
  • Looks good

    Ming JamaicaMing JamaicaMaand geleden
  • James, sister.... you said, you channel in the intro LOL ily

    Ellen DaughtryEllen DaughtryMaand geleden
  • i think his outtroes are longer than his fids lol

    Tiffany GoldenTiffany GoldenMaand geleden
  • James: doing a intro James: spoiling the make up look The fans: :0

    Parqcxsm_ mjParqcxsm_ mjMaand geleden
  • Information got leaked about James next video... It said.. Doing my makeup in MACS0647 galaxy 13.26 billion light years away from earth (saw an alien) 😮👽

    Pickle JuicePickle JuiceMaand geleden
  • hello sisters! i just wanted to say does any sister watch this in 2020.if you do like this comment

    angevilangevilMaand geleden
  • alt title: I beat my face and beat the escape room

    Elizabeth SandiferElizabeth SandiferMaand geleden
  • my mom says im not allowed to go do escape rooms with her.:(

    AMY COADAMY COADMaand geleden
  • Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my shzoo channel

    Gabriela DingmanGabriela DingmanMaand geleden
  • I love your vids

    itnotkaiitnotkaiMaand geleden
  • I love video

    Laura De Los SantosLaura De Los SantosMaand geleden
  • 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Amesha PersaudAmesha PersaudMaand geleden