Doing My Makeup In Alphabetical Order

22 mrt. 2019
17 580 539 Weergaven

HI SISTERS! Today I wrote out my makeup routine and rearranged it into alphabetical order, all while going through our Sister Dictionary with all of my favorite good and fresh words! This was one of the most fun makeup challenges I've ever done, and I hope you enjoy!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • What words/phrases would YOU put in the Sister Dictionary? 🤣🤣

    James CharlesJames CharlesJaar geleden
    • Sup

      Lexie AndrewsLexie Andrews22 dagen geleden

      sophiasophiaMaand geleden
    • sister scared , sister spooky , sister james , sister spray , sister spooked , sister snail , sister SNATCHED

      giselle gonzalezgiselle gonzalezMaand geleden
    • Pop

      Úna KeatingÚna Keating5 maanden geleden
    • jisters

      Erin SoygulErin Soygul5 maanden geleden
  • P is for Period

    abigail Warrenabigail Warren37 minuten geleden
  • I feel like he always does these things before he has something important to go to right after.

    Elinor YokleyElinor Yokley38 minuten geleden
  • He still pulled it off😝😂🤣

    Jennavecia MoylanJennavecia MoylanUur geleden
  • O is for "oh wow" he says that aaall the time!

    Hannah SulhoffHannah Sulhoff2 uur geleden

    Maria MarieMaria Marie4 uur geleden
  • Kinderg A en

    mayaaamayaaa5 uur geleden
  • That was some serious flash back Mary vibes I got there

    Emma TompkinsEmma Tompkins6 uur geleden
  • when u just can't recognize James-

    * B R E A D ** B R E A D *6 uur geleden
  • Omg you singing is so good

    Hairstyles Alex and mayaHairstyles Alex and maya8 uur geleden
  • Maybe after covid19 u can film a escape room i would love to see how u do it

    Saskia DebreuckereSaskia Debreuckere8 uur geleden
    • he actually has a video of a makeup challenge in an escape room

      water you talking aboutwater you talking about8 uur geleden
  • C for code james 10% off😂😂

    Rimi SinhaRimi Sinha9 uur geleden
  • My makeup routine : Foundation Concealer Eyeshadow Eyebrows Mascara Lip gloss

    EllenEllen9 uur geleden
  • 💞

    Landa BerishaLanda Berisha12 uur geleden
  • James Charles do be looking like a mozzerrelastick 🌞

    Landa BerishaLanda Berisha12 uur geleden
  • lmao i just realised that he said "kind - er - gar - en

    A!!!A!!!12 uur geleden
  • O stands for O My God

    Kendra OmordiaKendra Omordia13 uur geleden
  • This vid shouldve been learning are abc with james charles (btw i love you sisters

    ray_playzray_playz13 uur geleden
  • At 8:52 jeez james what have you donee

    Mrs.Dinosaur !!!Mrs.Dinosaur !!!14 uur geleden
  • I left a comment

    Bako BakievBako Bakiev17 uur geleden
  • I love James Charles so much he is the only person after BTS who taught me to love myself Love you sister

    JayaJaya18 uur geleden
  • James can’t live without the word “shore”

    Addi JayeAddi Jaye20 uur geleden
  • I mean the makeup doesn’t look that bad...

    Izzi Iris -イッツィアイリス-Izzi Iris -イッツィアイリス-23 uur geleden
  • T should've been for Thank God since he says that in every single video

    Vienna DelmastroVienna DelmastroDag geleden
  • Don't EVEEEEERRRRRR forget that lol

    Rayne M8krRayne M8krDag geleden
  • You got to 23M :D

    Boonana GachasBoonana GachasDag geleden
  • James: I know you guys are gonna come for me. Everybody that attacked about him not doing his eyeliner on letter E: *Listen here you little sh*t*

    Genesis AguileraGenesis AguileraDag geleden
  • Any tips of me telling my mom im bi?..... :(

    Xxx_Sunnie_xxX !Xxx_Sunnie_xxX !Dag geleden
  • s is for: SHORE

    emilyemilyDag geleden
  • A is for AHHHHH T is for THANK G is for GOD

    Raven DoodlesRaven DoodlesDag geleden
  • Sorry James, the look ain't doing me 😔👊🏻

    Raven DoodlesRaven DoodlesDag geleden
  • S is for, "I'm Sister shook" or "Sister shooked"

    Alyssa Mico LicoAlyssa Mico LicoDag geleden
  • how does he always look good? come on fellow sisters! am i right?!

    Nicole SeglerNicole SeglerDag geleden
  • bRinG mE a LitTlE wAteR

    Chill VibesChill VibesDag geleden
  • Nice

    Sara BalochSara BalochDag geleden
  • S is for sister shitting my pants

    Marley SMarley SDag geleden
  • 2:07 I was waiting for him to say Noah beck 👀 anyone else

    Editing TingzEditing TingzDag geleden
  • James im not a professional but it looks fire:)

    J SistersJ SistersDag geleden
  • kinergaren 😂

    Blair McKenzieBlair McKenzieDag geleden
  • I think "T" should stand for THANK god!

    Anemique RasAnemique RasDag geleden
  • at 12:56 i love the way you sing sis

    Prettyful._Jaelynn 0510Prettyful._Jaelynn 0510Dag geleden
  • you are FUCKIN AMZING

    Amy BAmy BDag geleden
  • 8:12 warning for headphone users

    Erin RussellErin RussellDag geleden
  • You look at that nose holes

    Wilma WagnerWilma WagnerDag geleden
  • n never give up

    Janina GawrońskaJanina GawrońskaDag geleden
  • Hi sisterssss

    Alyvia EvansAlyvia EvansDag geleden
  • it looks like we are having a class. we learn so much words!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    陳映廷陳映廷Dag geleden
  • s for shore

    ravenclaw prince Adilenravenclaw prince AdilenDag geleden
  • My makeup routine Moisturiser Primer Foundation Concealer Baking Blush Contour Bronzer Eyebrow Carve out eyebrow Eyeshadow Liner Lashes Mascara Lip balm Lipstick Lip liner Lipgloss Highlighter Setting spray Jk just lip balm and mascara

    Sarah VelarineSarah VelarineDag geleden
  • shore is one of the phrases.

    Shilpa AcharyaShilpa AcharyaDag geleden
  • Here is mine Normal order= blush Alphabetical order= blush

    Fula MatteFula MatteDag geleden
  • Y: yasss queen :D

    SlothSlothDag geleden
  • A is for "Are you literally kidding me?!"

    GalaxyKitten 123GalaxyKitten 123Dag geleden
  • Kierarden what did he just say

    Life with JazmineLife with Jazmine2 dagen geleden
  • Bruuuhhh backwords or not he still looks good 😌

    Juliana WaganJuliana Wagan2 dagen geleden
  • me here's my makeup routine 1. lotion 2. foundation 3. some light contour 4.a liiiiiiiiiiitle blush 5. eye shadow 6. lipstick um..... is that 24 ?????????

    Grace ingrahamGrace ingraham2 dagen geleden
  • James eyeliner would have come under the letter E

    Hailey's CosmeticsHailey's Cosmetics2 dagen geleden
  • How did I know before I even clicked on this that no matter what somehow his make up would turn out flawless? Lol it doesn’t matter what the challenge is or how crazy it looks in the beginning, it always winnd up looking good 😂

    Nala AdeyemiNala Adeyemi2 dagen geleden
  • A for “AHHHH”

    Landynn WilkesLandynn Wilkes2 dagen geleden
  • I LOOOOOOOVE u James Got ur pallet and love it 😍

    Noa RosenthalNoa Rosenthal2 dagen geleden
  • “Just gonna put a bit of code James on there, and then grab some ten precent off” 😂

    Keira HornerKeira Horner2 dagen geleden
  • I is my favorite letter

    JulianJulian2 dagen geleden
  • you should do an escape room makeup routine somehow .....

    JulianJulian2 dagen geleden
  • I'm just now realizing that james always waits til he has important events to do these crazy makeup challenges😂🤣😂

    Loria MartinezLoria Martinez2 dagen geleden
  • g

    keitakeita2 dagen geleden
  • sisters' dictionary: shore

    KarolinaKarolina2 dagen geleden
  • 5:51 Mimes are quaking

    amyLILcookie 01amyLILcookie 012 dagen geleden
  • You should try putting them on in reverse alphabetical order

    miranda zunigamiranda zuniga2 dagen geleden

  • For the letter "T" I think you should've put "Thank God" because you say it a lot

    Melodie BellmontMelodie Bellmont2 dagen geleden
  • Not with that attitude sounds like my mom @ me when I was 11 XD

    hI sIsTeRshI sIsTeRs2 dagen geleden
  • i just SUBSCRIBED i didn't find out about you till about a month ago i'm sorry i didn't subscribe sooner

    Tabitha CartwrightTabitha Cartwright2 dagen geleden
  • OMG!!! I love the look!!! also for the letter T I would put "Thats Crazy"

    Kaylynn MonteithKaylynn Monteith2 dagen geleden
  • I’m playing the new Harry Potter game on my iPad whilst watching this

    Small Blueberry MuffinSmall Blueberry Muffin2 dagen geleden
  • I wish I could like twice

    Cassia CraftCassia Craft3 dagen geleden
  • Hey I think would be in the sisters dictionary

    SB LlamaSB Llama3 dagen geleden
  • You should make a app for the sister dictionary

    - b r ø k e n -- b r ø k e n -3 dagen geleden
  • James: Right now I am a bit oily so this might work. James' skin: ShInE bRiGhT lIkE a DiAmOnD

    Chloe CurtisChloe Curtis3 dagen geleden
  • Actually I’m not Ariana Grande make a better Ariana Grande or Kylie Jenner

    doug jmodoug jmo3 dagen geleden
  • I am Ariana Grande

    doug jmodoug jmo3 dagen geleden
  • Make a video is where you copy everyone’s make up

    doug jmodoug jmo3 dagen geleden

    Finleigh BeardFinleigh Beard3 dagen geleden
  • I've never been to an escape room.

    Tatianna RochesterTatianna Rochester3 dagen geleden
  • L is for Lippity doo dahhs

    Ava StillwellAva Stillwell3 dagen geleden
  • s for “shore” 😂

    xghosteexghostee3 dagen geleden
  • Sister sup😅🤣

    tina carvertina carver3 dagen geleden
  • James can you also do this with brands ????

    Gacha MoviesGacha Movies3 dagen geleden
  • James: Ok now were at e for eyebrows, and eyeshadow. Ok now F for foundation. Me: WHAT ABOUT EYELASHES James: L for lashes Me: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Gacha MoviesGacha Movies3 dagen geleden
  • You don’t look bad at all

    Small Blueberry MuffinSmall Blueberry Muffin3 dagen geleden
  • Hey sisteres

    Small Blueberry MuffinSmall Blueberry Muffin3 dagen geleden
    • Hi*

      Small Blueberry MuffinSmall Blueberry Muffin2 dagen geleden
  • Don’t be shy put some more!!

    Small Blueberry MuffinSmall Blueberry Muffin3 dagen geleden
  • the makeup at 9:47 is what my mom sees

    Mara ReynoldsMara Reynolds3 dagen geleden
  • Me when I finally get to sit down and watch James 18:40🤗

    Grace TaylorGrace Taylor3 dagen geleden
  • who is still watching in 2020

    Barchelain JosephBarchelain Joseph3 dagen geleden
  • This is not a hate comment but on s u forgot the fase sister shook

    Tani MarvinTani Marvin3 dagen geleden
  • Yo know pressed pigments cant be that bad when h litter ally states that they have issues.He would no have said anything if he was worried about them being bad. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

    Brandi CoatesBrandi Coates3 dagen geleden
  • Me: James, how many brothers do you have?? James: 1 brother Me: ummmmm and how many sisters? James: mhm .... 22.9 million sisters Me: uhh.. ohh... Right.. James: ummmm.... Shore....... I gues!?!!!

    Anvita TripathiAnvita Tripathi3 dagen geleden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Andres CoriaAndres Coria3 dagen geleden
  • S is also for ShOrE

    Rikki BeatyRikki Beaty3 dagen geleden
  • The foundation literally saved his face

    Benzene CarsonBenzene Carson3 dagen geleden