Doing Makeup On My Arm

2 apr. 2019
7 693 324 Weergaven

HI SISTERS! I've done makeup on my own face, my friends, my body, and paper, but in today's video I decided to take on a new challenge inspired by some of my favorite artists and do makeup on... my arm? Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • It's looks good

    London SiscoLondon Sisco3 uur geleden
  • Seeing the screenshot it kind of looks like that would be a really cool idea for a tattoo in a way.

    Hannah r.Hannah r.8 uur geleden
  • i bet his skin is so soft

    Farije HajreFarije Hajre11 uur geleden
  • Ti〜🎶🎵✋😬🤚

    L Mi AwfL Mi Awf23 uur geleden
  • wait why does his the makeup on his arm look better than the makeup on my face- jealousy. 😔✌🏼

    Connie ColsonConnie ColsonDag geleden

    Mischa NelMischa Nel2 dagen geleden
  • I will love u learn something from u

    Vakti PriyaVakti Priya2 dagen geleden
    • ok.....

      RosieRosie2 dagen geleden
  • Lots of love from india

    Vakti PriyaVakti Priya2 dagen geleden
  • U r so so so talented

    Vakti PriyaVakti Priya2 dagen geleden
  • Wtf how I can't even draw a line perfectly and he insane😘😘😍

    Daisy ChicagoDaisy Chicago2 dagen geleden
  • Girl u say u can’t do it and it doesn’t look good like GiRl I could never like WHAT

    Linda AmorosoLinda Amoroso3 dagen geleden
  • James is the only one in the beauty community that could draw 😳

    Martin ChairezMartin Chairez3 dagen geleden
  • and u also talk to much

    Amal MoslehAmal Mosleh5 dagen geleden
  • why do u move your hands when u talk

    Amal MoslehAmal Mosleh5 dagen geleden
  • the first one

    Haleah WoodsHaleah Woods5 dagen geleden
  • looks like nikita dragun

    Haleah WoodsHaleah Woods5 dagen geleden
  • lmao my *eye-latches *

    kheyzel marinkheyzel marin5 dagen geleden
  • this is exactly why I watch these video lol 😂 14:36

    FalishaFalisha5 dagen geleden
  • Throughout the whole video I was like no no sister you are doing it backwards until he realized and I felt bad for him because he has to redraw the whole thing. But then he drew it backwards again. :>

    Chastity MillerChastity Miller5 dagen geleden
  • THE TALENT i would just eat ice cream

    hicharlieandme ilovecharlieeehicharlieandme ilovecharlieee6 dagen geleden
  • BRUH he just say he think he good at makeup I am 8 and can't even do freaking blush right his makeup is so freaking sister special

    Lauralee SHAELauralee SHAE6 dagen geleden
  • 0:58 wait what whaaat james that art work is INSANELEY AWESOME

    Kisa The bagelKisa The bagel6 dagen geleden
  • Were you Picasso in your past life?!?!

    urmila shrivastavaurmila shrivastava7 dagen geleden
  • You are so talented .these eyes look so real

    abdul razzaqabdul razzaq8 dagen geleden
  • James's laugh at the end 😂😂

    Annie DawsonAnnie Dawson8 dagen geleden
  • James saying these Artist insanely talented and he’s good

    K'lanie DuncanK'lanie Duncan8 dagen geleden
  • The eye was splendid i really enjoyed this video and also it was funny too when u said u want to give this a thumbnail and it was fail.....😂😂 Love you James 😘💜

    nisa alfynisa alfy8 dagen geleden
  • im so glad that james is happier now.

    Katya WithrowKatya Withrow8 dagen geleden

    Jenny StrawberryJenny Strawberry9 dagen geleden
  • Who watching this in 2020 after all the drama

    Serena RodriguezSerena Rodriguez10 dagen geleden
  • You are the king of makeup 🤴

    Disney channelDisney channel10 dagen geleden
  • He says it awful but that is AMAZING

    Lori HinkleLori Hinkle10 dagen geleden
  • The whole video I was thinking how did he make the thumbnail.

    Ava GraceAva Grace10 dagen geleden
  • hay sister

    Kiddoss kidKiddoss kid10 dagen geleden
  • wow thats cool

    Tajesworld ScottTajesworld Scott11 dagen geleden
  • James what do you mean “fail”? It looks amazing!!!

    Emily PetrucciEmily Petrucci11 dagen geleden
  • makeup

    Jayleen FigueroaJayleen Figueroa11 dagen geleden
  • do chase hudson mackup

    Jayleen FigueroaJayleen Figueroa11 dagen geleden
  • Me the entire video: MOOOVE YOUR HEAD JAMEEESSSSS!!!!😤

    AimeeAimee12 dagen geleden
  • Wow

    Muhammad SalmanMuhammad Salman12 dagen geleden
  • OMG james charles sister you are so talented...u did potraits too ..mind blown.

    Sebenzile MkhatshwaSebenzile Mkhatshwa12 dagen geleden
  • sister really snapped

    robyn nunyarobyn nunya12 dagen geleden
  • James, you're right it's not good it's amazing.

    Stephanie PoitierStephanie Poitier12 dagen geleden
  • How on earth can you do that James Charles your an artist

    Lori HinkleLori Hinkle13 dagen geleden
  • The world is yours son.

    Lucy MeltsmyheartLucy Meltsmyheart13 dagen geleden
  • That’s incredible work that can’t be denied.

    Lucy MeltsmyheartLucy Meltsmyheart13 dagen geleden
  • I don’t understand why this is a fail?!

    Hayley WittHayley Witt13 dagen geleden
  • So he’s an artist

    MariMari13 dagen geleden
  • Me: thinks James is done James: adds 50 billion more things looks the same 0-0

    MadWolf456MadWolf45613 dagen geleden
  • B-but.. hhow??

    MadWolf456MadWolf45613 dagen geleden
  • Picasso has left the chat

    Sophie_007Sophie_00714 dagen geleden
  • So cool but it's also showing how great his makeup pallet is 0o0

    Neyo ProsperNeyo Prosper14 dagen geleden
  • You can tell James is such a simple person on the inside in all of his videos. He is your regular hometown person but glam.

    S NS N15 dagen geleden
  • Who hates it when ads come right when the good part is coming?

    Xx_Cherry_BlossomXx_Cherry_Blossom16 dagen geleden
  • holy sh** wow his art is so good :O like the portraits and everything, and the dimension on the noses on his arms, like all of it is so good!!!

    micala newlandmicala newland16 dagen geleden
  • I know James won’t see this but I love him Soooooooooo much so here it is James good at: Makeup Being awesome! Being kind Drawing Being my bestie (we’ve never met but if I don’t meet him 1 day, my life is not complete) Being a dog person Driving Good with kiddos Overall he’s AMAZING @ literally EVERYTHING. Luv u James ❤️ 😘

    Molly PupMolly Pup16 dagen geleden
  • Hold on this was 1year ago oh......Ummmmmm well I like your intro in 2020😁😁😶

    Anna BellAnna Bell16 dagen geleden
  • What happened I liked the old intro better 😡👁👄👁

    Anna BellAnna Bell16 dagen geleden
  • His arm reminds me of those dot to dot worksheets

    Jas KJas K16 dagen geleden
  • This is literally what most of us did in class

    Mmathapelo MothapoMmathapelo Mothapo16 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone else notice how James used “Code James” and then right after he used “10% off” was that planned or what!? Just me okay! Btw pls sub to my channel! Can we get to 1,000 I am a fan page for Coco Quinn I am not the real Coco! Pls sub! If we get to 1k I will start making videos!

    Coco QuinnCoco Quinn17 dagen geleden
  • james: "this looks so bad oh my gosh" me looking in the mirror:

    Jay GriderJay Grider17 dagen geleden
  • ''me'' james only 10 . 99 ''me'' snope

    Natalie Bush BushNatalie Bush Bush17 dagen geleden
  • That sister snapped

    Kay GirlKay Girl17 dagen geleden
  • Wait what the heck why did I think this was a new video??

    Olivia DurhamOlivia Durham17 dagen geleden
    • Wait💀 same

      Lucian Sauls.Lucian Sauls.17 dagen geleden

    Sree Roshini MSree Roshini M17 dagen geleden

    Sree Roshini MSree Roshini M17 dagen geleden
  • I mean why does it look so realistic on camera

    Ashlyn And makeupAshlyn And makeup17 dagen geleden
  • Hey don’t you do make up in space

    Hiba ShariffHiba Shariff17 dagen geleden

    rangi hawkinsrangi hawkins18 dagen geleden
  • 1:05 *Me when the roach starts to fly*

    •GachaWrld• •Cookie••GachaWrld• •Cookie•18 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me that rlly wants to know what harry poter house james in im slytherin but like what are you ps sub to me please it would mean alot and one day could you do a harry potter inspired look please :)

    Millie Plays StuffMillie Plays Stuff19 dagen geleden
  • I can not see

    Neeran Khoon KhoonNeeran Khoon Khoon19 dagen geleden
  • James: drawing a REALISTIC eye on his arm Me: how I can't even draw a dog

    jess boysjess boys19 dagen geleden
  • Dang this man can makeup and he can draw what talent do I have none that's crazy

    The Wonder GirlThe Wonder Girl19 dagen geleden
  • What James does for a thumbnail... If you’re reading this hope you have a good day😃😃😃

    Delna BalsaraDelna Balsara20 dagen geleden
  • Who's watching in 2020 . . . . . . . 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Shahabi NasheenShahabi Nasheen20 dagen geleden
  • 11:50 😂😂😂😂😂

    Cammy HiltonCammy Hilton21 dag geleden
  • 😂😂😂I didn’t know that you would mess up because it looked ok when we saw your arm up close

    Lissette GuzmanLissette Guzman22 dagen geleden
  • When he says "elaches" lol.

    Kim garciaKim garcia22 dagen geleden
  • Wow i saw a NLworldr that made make-up but wont us his own make-up that she made lol.

    Jasmine HearnJasmine Hearn22 dagen geleden
  • Imagine being as talented as james

    Ava BrisenoAva Briseno22 dagen geleden
  • It looks so good though I love this it is so good

    Brielle NobleBrielle Noble23 dagen geleden
  • plz make this a yearly thing xxx

    Simone ReesSimone Rees24 dagen geleden
  • I just watched the ASMR James Charles video and this scared me half to death.

    Lele XiaLele Xia24 dagen geleden
  • Te amo James saludos desde Formosa luciana

    Diegüen GütierrezDiegüen Gütierrez25 dagen geleden
  • He thought it looked bad BRO HOW

    Ava RivetteAva Rivette25 dagen geleden

    Hannah MarshallHannah Marshall25 dagen geleden
  • ummmm.............tell me why those eyes look REAL ... im sCaReD

    Beauty Squads VlogsBeauty Squads Vlogs25 dagen geleden
  • can you like my comment james

    Spirks LopsinSpirks Lopsin26 dagen geleden
  • cierra tu mano 🌻 2: pide un deseo🎀 3: dale Like 👍 4: mañana se cumplirá tú deseo ala 1 : 00 pm🌸 5 : escríbelo en 3 vídeos 🤞

  • Anybody but me Think that James would be good at art lol

    Nicole LaudieroNicole Laudiero26 dagen geleden
  • James:''Oh no i missed another eye oH nOo nOoO~(little singing there XD)'' Me:''Cmon James its not a big deal -,-''

    Danny LeighDanny Leigh26 dagen geleden
  • I’m bored 🙁☹️

    ❤️Natalie❤️Natalie26 dagen geleden
  • Sep 26 1:10 am

    Tomura ShigrakiTomura Shigraki26 dagen geleden
  • is anyone gonna talk about the wa he sang the word "TEA" like it was nothing

    Mizz_Leez 275PhynestMizz_Leez 275Phynest26 dagen geleden
  • 👁👄👁📄✍️

    Grace LarkeGrace Larke27 dagen geleden
  • I only wish I could do makeup that good keep doing what your doing love you 😘

    •Gloom's Anime••Gloom's Anime•27 dagen geleden
  • love. you

    Zamia BaergaZamia Baerga27 dagen geleden
  • He does better makeup on his arm than I do on meh face 👁👄👁

    Twilight CutieTwilight Cutie27 dagen geleden