DMing Celebrities To Pick My Makeup!

8 sep. 2020
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I DM'd my favorite celebrities like Selena Gomez, Cardi B, Gigi Hadid, & Miley Cyrus to pick my makeup routine! We got a ton of really cool responses and create a crazy makeup look. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Omg i get excited when selena calls idn why LoL

    ComePolloXD RamirezComePolloXD Ramirez48 minuten geleden
  • Same with my new puppy they are teething so ya

    Dogs and CatsDogs and Cats3 uur geleden
  • I don't even think Selena knows who she is even talking too right now. Why is anything from James Charles being suggested on my feed by NLworld? This transphob POS needs to fade away.

    JRJR4 uur geleden
  • 6:19 Selena said "Yummy" i think a Justin Bieber

    Tismey_ 225Tismey_ 2256 uur geleden
  • Waittt waittttt im so laye yoy live next to slinna actually sooo late thats so cool

    bryanna benjaminbryanna benjamin6 uur geleden
  • can u please do ariana in another video like tkat?

    Ida BIda B7 uur geleden
  • james, youre literally speaking with selena gomez. i would jump off my balcony if i facetimed with selena

    Anja SchumacherAnja Schumacher8 uur geleden
  • James talking to doja cat like shes just a normal friend✨😅

    Alexa VeniceAlexa Venice9 uur geleden
  • James: Omg Selena just responded! She said- Ad: Not today sister! Me: WHHHHHYYYYYY ADDDDDD

    Coco QuinnCoco Quinn10 uur geleden
  • “James how much siblings do u have?” James: “I have one brother and 23M sisters”😂

    Seba_Plays RobloxSeba_Plays Roblox11 uur geleden
  • James:(types so fast and speaks so quickly) Me:Omg I need to put the playback speed to low I can't even read this😂😂

    Sang ChhetenSang Chheten12 uur geleden
  • omg I literally love Doja haha

    Tericka KiloTericka Kilo14 uur geleden
  • This is LITERALLY how many words and texts James can say and write in 5 seconds LIKE LITERALLY 👇

    Jilliane YabutJilliane Yabut16 uur geleden
  • My man typing soooo fast loooooool

    Jj’s BandannaJj’s Bandanna16 uur geleden

    Ava SerratoreAva Serratore22 uur geleden
  • its like very casual just calling selena gomez like shes my neighbor🤣🤣

    Kristen MaxKristen Max23 uur geleden
  • Love this sister! If you are doing a part three ever, you should dm Ariana grande! She's amazing at contour, so maybe that. She's very good at all of it really!

    Mei TheRainbowLoverMei TheRainbowLoverDag geleden
  • okay but not how ur jawline literally had the biggest glo up during the year

    niktaniktaDag geleden
  • I love how James just casually FT celebs and mentions that Selena is his NEIGHBOR!!!!!! LIKE BRUHHHH!!!!!!!

    Coco QuinnCoco QuinnDag geleden
  • I was wondering are u a girl or a boy

    Ancy Caroline DolphyAncy Caroline DolphyDag geleden
  • Go girls

  • omgg james my birthday is on march'5th!!!!!! omggg pls replie back

    Tarin JonesTarin JonesDag geleden
  • In your eyes there’s a heavy blue one to love and one to lose

    Anonna ChaudhuryAnonna ChaudhuryDag geleden
  • OMFG Selena literally facetimed James

    Jia RegmiGautamJia RegmiGautamDag geleden
  • heheheh my nameis also selina (spelt diferent)

    Selina ElversSelina ElversDag geleden
  • James should do Karina Garcia’s makeup🤪

    Julia MarkakisJulia MarkakisDag geleden
  • OMG!!!! I love this WAP look soooo much 💞😍🥰😘🧚‍♀️🧡🤎💜

    Kenzie ScottKenzie ScottDag geleden
  • what colour are ur eyes!!

    Eyvie StokesEyvie StokesDag geleden
  • My puppy is the same

    Luna MoonLuna MoonDag geleden
  • Well done!

    ChxrriiChxrriiDag geleden
  • I thought i clould type fast............................

    Gurtle SquadGurtle SquadDag geleden
  • James should just ask himself, he’s already a celebrity😊

    E̸laná B̸obànnâE̸laná B̸obànnâDag geleden
  • Did I hear Selena say “hii babe” and “bye babe”???!!!!TEEEEAAA☕️☕️☕️🥃🥃

    Glimmershine v1Glimmershine v1Dag geleden
  • Using the " Old rotten flesh of a four week old cow corpse " I will-

    For HonorFor HonorDag geleden
  • The laugh at 11:50 - Mickey Mouse are you there??

    ashley gashley gDag geleden
  • He talks so fast-

    Amberly MaeAmberly MaeDag geleden
  • 2:14 omg how fast can you....

    Sara BacklundSara BacklundDag geleden
  • Selediosaa

    Dalia Coronado OropezaDalia Coronado OropezaDag geleden
  • I love the way James reacted to the Foundation ME Laughing while watching I love ur videos James ur my beauty inspiration u rock !!!

    Yuvika DadhichYuvika DadhichDag geleden

    DëpressëdWolf ChãnDëpressëdWolf ChãnDag geleden

    Purple.randomPurple.randomDag geleden
  • i love who james said "selena gomez is my neighbor," so causally

    Gacha TiktokGacha TiktokDag geleden
  • Omg loved her collab with blackpink for their mv ice cream Selena was amazing!!!!

    Moon pie ytMoon pie ytDag geleden
  • Just like to point out miley cyrus isn't a miss

    alec grinteralec grinter2 dagen geleden
  • omg omg omg you made this on my birthday :o

    Isabella SchotborgIsabella Schotborg2 dagen geleden
  • omggggg jamesssss HI SISTERS

    Molly williamsMolly williams2 dagen geleden
  • Lmfao if james dead ass painted a WAP on his eye

    Syd InaSyd Ina2 dagen geleden
  • he talks so fast

    Silas J WheelerSilas J Wheeler2 dagen geleden
  • Omggh James talked so fast.. I can't breath😂😂

    Jem Florence RangasaJem Florence Rangasa2 dagen geleden
  • speak so fast 😂

    gaga mimigaga mimi2 dagen geleden
  • secretly an asmr video it’s so satisfying to watch him text

    Sukhan JamshaidSukhan Jamshaid2 dagen geleden
  • Selena is so down to earth and sweet omg 🤩🥰

    Piper McLeanPiper McLean2 dagen geleden
  • I love SELENA Every time I see her I think of wizards or Waverly Place!

    Bts FanBts Fan2 dagen geleden
  • You should definitely do a video with Karol g🥺💗

    B r o k e n H e a r tB r o k e n H e a r t2 dagen geleden
  • Please drink some water

    ananta jordanananta jordan2 dagen geleden
  • everyone whos reading this,,,,may you and your parents have long life. . . . .

    1k sub's before November Challenge.1k sub's before November Challenge.2 dagen geleden
  • you are such fast typer

    Angela BlandAngela Bland2 dagen geleden
  • Omg is it just me or was James talking extra fats when he was reading the messages

    aleeya wilsonaleeya wilson2 dagen geleden
  • Enerjine hayranım James

    Gamze Elif ÖzGamze Elif Öz2 dagen geleden
  • James: SELENA just lives like 5 mins from me... Me: WTF

    KayeFriedChickenKayeFriedChicken2 dagen geleden
  • Theodore is the best thing ive seen in this video :)

    Alexis LindsayAlexis Lindsay2 dagen geleden
  • how could he have 23m subs by saying hI SiStErS!

    melcah dolosamelcah dolosa2 dagen geleden
  • 1:35 really good ASMR though 👀..

    Monica ChettyMonica Chetty2 dagen geleden
  • Omg you should do full face of my favorite makeup!!

    Lexi’s GrooveLexi’s Groove2 dagen geleden
  • James Charles sister big fan here please do a video with Selena Gomez in person

    Priya KalantriPriya Kalantri2 dagen geleden
  • People who have never hated James ⬇

    The Adventures of Bailey DyerThe Adventures of Bailey Dyer2 dagen geleden
  • Makeup is so confusing this is why I don’t wear it lol

    Laryssa LaraLaryssa Lara2 dagen geleden
  • Eres la mejor hermana 💕

    karla paulin narvaezkarla paulin narvaez2 dagen geleden
  • James porfavor has un canal en español lo vería todos los días sin falta porque amo como te maquillas y tú personalidad ❤️🥰

    karla paulin narvaezkarla paulin narvaez2 dagen geleden
  • NGL, Selina's knockers look huuuuuuuge in this video!

    abigail johnsonabigail johnson2 dagen geleden
  • Ok but no ones talking about a maybe calab with Cardi B and Selena Gomez like I'm SOOOOOO here for ittt

    Melanny VilledaMelanny Villeda2 dagen geleden
  • Selena : "this is so yummy"🤔 Me: in my head justin bieber yeah you get that yummi yummy 😂💁

    get free N thinkget free N think2 dagen geleden
  • I’m so late but I think James should do a dming my followers on Instagram make video!

    Kaelin JoungKaelin Joung2 dagen geleden
  • I love The Whomp whomp whomp

    Ziyah SimpsonZiyah Simpson2 dagen geleden
  • Do you video when you re-create your Memes

    Ziyah SimpsonZiyah Simpson2 dagen geleden
  • when selena said “hi honey”🥺

    Grace MillerGrace Miller2 dagen geleden

    Liliana MITCHELLLiliana MITCHELL2 dagen geleden
  • Selena Gomez look so different and i didn't even know who she is when she call you ! lol

    Natalie TinocoNatalie Tinoco2 dagen geleden
  • karol G

    Paris PonceParis Ponce2 dagen geleden
  • He just said Selena Gomez is his neighbor like it's nothing

    Carlos VCarlos V3 dagen geleden
  • How does he text that fast it took me 2 minutes just to comment this

    Paxton McChristianPaxton McChristian3 dagen geleden
  • What mascara’s did he use ?

    Joanna KittyJoanna Kitty3 dagen geleden
  • Not trying to be rude in any way I love James Charles I just wanted to inform and educate you that British isn't a language we speak English just saying not trying to be rude

    The crazy crumbleThe crazy crumble3 dagen geleden
  • Hi James you are my favorite make up you tuber

    Iselia GonzalezIselia Gonzalez3 dagen geleden
  • Late💩

    Kristi Mae AlisasisKristi Mae Alisasis3 dagen geleden
  • Hey James love watching your videos jus started to watch your videos, you make me feel like a Sister🤗 Jus wanna say I LOVE YOUUUUU💖🤞🏼

    PARIS COSMEPARIS COSME3 dagen geleden
  • You should do a Collab with Annie Leblanc

    Ella CarrionElla Carrion3 dagen geleden
  • 0:25 i didnt know james charles was a PROFESSIONAL RAPPER AND MAKEUP ARTIST god bless u james

    j o y sj o y s3 dagen geleden

    Cardi BeeCardi Bee3 dagen geleden
  • ok James i see u rolling ur r's. your doin an amazing job queen ;)

    Melanie JohnsonMelanie Johnson3 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone notice how FAST he types like tf-

    Tia PoddarTia Poddar3 dagen geleden
  • God bless to the 1% who see this comment 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    600 Subs By Tomorrow?600 Subs By Tomorrow?3 dagen geleden
  • 1:38 What a magic

    PH GamingPH Gaming3 dagen geleden
  • I dont know why but I am obsessed with james 's intro

    Araina VasanAraina Vasan3 dagen geleden
  • If u can reach to selena u can reach to blackpink!

    *valentine land**valentine land*3 dagen geleden
  • i love you your pretty

    Tranell HoodenpyleTranell Hoodenpyle3 dagen geleden
  • Wow you type fast James😍

    Naa Otobia DodooNaa Otobia Dodoo3 dagen geleden
  • LOVE 💘 😻 💜 💛

    hari prasadhari prasad3 dagen geleden
  • YOUR makeup looks so gorgeous 🥺🥰👀

    bybella bybellabybella bybella3 dagen geleden
  • U write so fast

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