10 Things James Charles Can't Live Without

11 sep. 2020
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I share with you guys 10 random gadgets and products that I can't live without! This is a little bit of a different style of video for me, so I hope you guys enjoy it!
🩹 Mario Badescu Pimple Cream amzn.to/32iWJDg
💨 Portable Mini Fan amzn.to/3bVTHIn
⚡️ Anker Portable Charger amzn.to/3hkz4GT
🔌 10FT Charging Cable amzn.to/3hnJQvU
🧭 Tile Tracker amzn.to/35wLidd
📱 Pop Socket Holder amzn.to/2FeQ7NM
💡 Ring Light amzn.to/3hg4fmM
💦 Pool Floaties amzn.to/35ruEvF
✨ Star light amzn.to/32nzyIe
🔥 Electric lighter amzn.to/32jafHa
🦟 Bug Zapper amzn.to/3ihqkCJ
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GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • omg sorry @skincarebyhryam for pronouncing your name wrong ily

    James CharlesJames CharlesMaand geleden
    • *hyram hahha

      who snatched my weavewho snatched my weave3 dagen geleden
    • James Charles can’t live without sag sister

      Eri Studio'sEri Studio's20 dagen geleden
    • @Mindful_ glass yeah

      lee bossdadlee bossdad23 dagen geleden
    • soldiermaanSZN I will subscribe! I hope you get your pc!!

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    • soldiermaanSZN Got you buddy

      Natálie PetráčkováNatálie Petráčková28 dagen geleden
  • "they do not- the - n- d- THEY NEED TO GO!

    Random vids!!Random vids!!2 uur geleden
  • James charles award winning olompyics hitting mosquito with a mosquito racquet

    Ann BAnn B8 uur geleden
  • hey james i know you brobobly won;t see this but you should do a calab with @skincarebyhyram and i love seeing influencers talk about. skin care and also you should do a skin care routine i love you and your. channle thankyou for showing me makeup and how. to make myself confedent

    sunday malkmussunday malkmus9 uur geleden
  • James charles can't live with out saying period!

    Milan DuplessisMilan Duplessis9 uur geleden
  • What if you lose your phone??

    NightmareNightmare11 uur geleden
  • i love jAames charels

    Puglers SalazarPuglers Salazar12 uur geleden
  • No to the fly thing lol 😂 but love everything else 😊

    Sophia MedinaSophia MedinaDag geleden
  • I love your videos by are so helpful with makeup

    Tracie WightTracie WightDag geleden

    HeyitsvivianHeyitsvivianDag geleden
  • so funny love you James

    sylvia harrissylvia harrisDag geleden
  • Love you James

    Lily ClemsonLily ClemsonDag geleden
  • 14:14 The cutout that he abused is still there 😂

    Samrudhi SharmaSamrudhi Sharma2 dagen geleden
  • I really wish he got that fly..

    RubyPlayzRobloxRubyPlayzRoblox2 dagen geleden
  • My older siblings got tile for Christmas in 2018

    Chris MooreChris Moore2 dagen geleden
  • What is a james video without the “SHORE”

    chav checkchav check2 dagen geleden
  • You can get a 10ft charger at 5 below 😆 😂

    Maggie WinchesterMaggie Winchester2 dagen geleden
  • lol y'd he say hi ram. ok jamesy it hyram

    Madeline ShayMadeline Shay2 dagen geleden
  • The last one, u can get in a Asian store for $5

    Angela ChungAngela Chung2 dagen geleden
  • Did he ever get the fly?

    Makhenna FischerMakhenna Fischer2 dagen geleden
  • 🌙𝒮𝒽𝑜𝓇𝑒🌙

    Chill VibesChill Vibes2 dagen geleden
  • (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Shore ♥

    Chill VibesChill Vibes2 dagen geleden
  • I

    Chill VibesChill Vibes2 dagen geleden
  • James Talking about something. There very skinny and thin and square Like his body 😂 5:48

    Natalia SalvatoreNatalia Salvatore2 dagen geleden

    Nadiah AlhaddadNadiah Alhaddad3 dagen geleden
  • I love you 💞

    Megli KiosiaMegli Kiosia3 dagen geleden
  • I love you 💞

    Megli KiosiaMegli Kiosia3 dagen geleden
  • Shore

    Crystal DuFourCrystal DuFour3 dagen geleden
  • i think it is so sweet that james has his lock screen as the charli and dixie collaboration

    Karina EspinozaKarina Espinoza3 dagen geleden
  • "The 1 thing I never lose has got to be my iPhone" Me: can't relate

    Alyssa MenjivarAlyssa Menjivar3 dagen geleden
    • I lose my phone all the time

      Gary UttrichGary Uttrich10 uur geleden
    • same tbh

      Sister VioletSister Violet3 dagen geleden
  • flys stand no chance to the god hand called a electric fly swatter


    Disneyland ParadiseDisneyland Paradise3 dagen geleden
  • Slow down speak a little slow

    Aanya SAanya S4 dagen geleden
  • James Charles forgeting to say that he cant live with out *MAKEUP*

    The Typical LizzyThe Typical Lizzy4 dagen geleden
  • "Hrom" 😂 No hate

    Trista & LillyTrista & Lilly4 dagen geleden
  • James can’t live without saying ‘’BUT’’ 😂😂 fr fr

    Afiya DenisAfiya Denis4 dagen geleden
  • Him talking Me:focuses on the hands

    Im a girl who likes popcornIm a girl who likes popcorn4 dagen geleden
  • i can't live without COOKIES or your vids me SHORE ya shore

    Carmela CitroCarmela Citro4 dagen geleden
  • Pause it at 13:27

    Ava ResleyAva Resley4 dagen geleden
  • Jame ur good at throwing shade and not making a lot of drama😂😂 11:30

    Cookie heheCookie hehe4 dagen geleden
  • You speak too fast

    Anime LifeAnime Life4 dagen geleden
  • if i reach 1k subscriber i will do a coming out video☹️🏳️‍🌈

  • A floatyyyyy 🧐 A- 🤔 A floatyyyy 😕 A floatyyyyyyyyy 🤯 A floaty, tRaY. Oh, I love you James

    Heidi !!!Heidi !!!5 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Marija MedarskaMarija Medarska5 dagen geleden
  • People Who Never Hated James Charles ⤵

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  • James getting exited about the fly is a mood

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  • James: A Floatie... A Floatie... A Floatie... A Floatie People on set: Tray

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  • Hi im Thomas from Germany . so u are so cute 💖but u like a machine gun ...👀😱. I have to translate what u said in my head ... Im a smart and clever intelligent guy but ... Ur a machine gun 😂🎉plz take a breath and cry if u dont get air to breathe annymore 🤒

    TheThomasstivtTheThomasstivt5 dagen geleden
  • I just looked at the link and this was posted on September 11th

    Ryan WulffRyan Wulff6 dagen geleden
  • I have an electrical fly swatter too !!!!

    GleekForever 05GleekForever 056 dagen geleden
  • “Welcome back to another episode to James killing a fly”

    Br0̸ken_Vib3̸ezBr0̸ken_Vib3̸ez6 dagen geleden
  • My favorite part of this whole video is that James still has on his "Mario Drying Lotion" the whole video.

    Avery WhiteAvery White6 dagen geleden
  • I got that star light thing for my bday!

    {•The Missing Afton• }{•The Missing Afton• }6 dagen geleden
  • I have never seen anyone so happy to have a fly in their house 😂

    OkToBeLateOkToBeLate6 dagen geleden
  • Who all agree? He's as normal and genuine like most of us😉💖

    Ambika ShuklaAmbika Shukla6 dagen geleden
  • I liked it do more

    Abi OladesuAbi Oladesu6 dagen geleden
  • im gonna burst i remember one time we had an electrical fly swatter and I use to always shock myself but this one time I hit my brother butt with it and I don't regret anything he still has the waffle shaped mark on his butt 😂

    Dawnica MinksDawnica Minks6 dagen geleden
  • Can anyone count how many times James said:"any way, shape, or form"

    yamina kyamina k7 dagen geleden
  • "SHORE"

    PinapleyPinapley7 dagen geleden
  • ''SHORE''

    PinapleyPinapley7 dagen geleden
  • In a “way, shape or form”

    Reese BleekerReese Bleeker7 dagen geleden
  • don’t be shy tell me where you got your mirror👀🖤

    Maison LeeMaison Lee7 dagen geleden
  • It was the ✨scream for me✨

    Anonymous_idk 1Anonymous_idk 17 dagen geleden
  • James can’t live without Trevor 😂😎

    Madelyn KrukMadelyn Kruk7 dagen geleden
  • Im lonely, plzzzz

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  • Can I Join the Sisterhood plz?? :'(

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  • When James saw the fly 😂😂😂😂

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  • James forgot to mention makeup

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  • Ilysm James ur never notice me but :)

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  • Love from my heart

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  • Love pocketsocket holders

    Rebekka Hanna AlodjiRebekka Hanna Alodji8 dagen geleden
  • aNy shApe Or fOrm

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  • I don’t do makeup cus I’m 8 years old

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  • FINNEAS we stan

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  • when you think your the only one who uses the elctric fly swater

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  • Um James how do I get those trusty handy dandy tracking devices. I must go spying later spy on my bf OoOo nice juicy tea am I right

    kawaii fox X3kawaii fox X38 dagen geleden
  • James can’t live without saying “way, shape or form”

    FaegloreFaeglore8 dagen geleden
  • he cant live without make up

    shi Yanshi Yan8 dagen geleden
  • its the posting on 9/11 for me. we should be using that day to celebrate the ones who passed from it not for videos

    Alaina ShattoAlaina Shatto8 dagen geleden
    • it’s the not realising it wasn’t a blackout for me. i payed my respects by posting on tt about it, but it was NOT. a blackout, he’s such a stressed man, 23million subs? be better

      rocco spanielrocco spaniel3 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for making this vid I rly hurt my eye and I was crying but I watched your vid at the same time and I started crying in tune to your intro😂

    Alex CochranAlex Cochran8 dagen geleden
  • U can get like 10ft chargers for like 99p in Ireland 🤣

    Desiree ConeyDesiree Coney8 dagen geleden
  • In Philippines Those things are literally cheap Like for example that fly thingy cost $3 to $5

    Burger & FriesBurger & Fries8 dagen geleden
  • I literally love James Editor and cameraman

    ErnestErnest8 dagen geleden
  • everyone whos reading this,,,,may you and your parents have long life. . . . .

    1k sub's before November Challenge.1k sub's before November Challenge.8 dagen geleden
  • Be careful with that electric lighter if you have really good hearing it will hurt your ears baaaaad 🤯

    Longtemps FamilyLongtemps Family9 dagen geleden
  • He speaks so fooking fluently!

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  • James is a dork

    Vancouver HernandezVancouver Hernandez9 dagen geleden
  • His wallpaper is the picture of him , charli and dixie so cute

    Philiancy ThubruPhiliancy Thubru9 dagen geleden
  • My grandma used to have an electric fly swatter and I used to run around killing bees bc I didn't know that they were vital for literally like life so I don't do that anymore

    Ab beautifulAb beautiful9 dagen geleden
  • I Don't Know Why-- I Was Watching A Bunch Of James's Videos.. And, "He Should Try Creating Troom Troom Make Up Tutorials." Like If You Agree, I Guess. I Think It Would Be A Cool Concept. (Especially To See His Reaction.)😂😂😂 (I Don't Think This Has Been Done, Sorry If It Has.)

    •Katuuu Reee••Katuuu Reee•9 dagen geleden
  • I have the fan and lemme tell you it’s AMAZING you should definitely get it

    Ghazl KathemGhazl Kathem9 dagen geleden
  • Sister said bug zapper AHHAHAHA

    A ChettyA Chetty9 dagen geleden
  • The JC drinking game. Ideal for fast drunken dominion......every time James says Sisters, 1 shot. Literally 2 shots, 3 if its technically not literally possible to do said literal thing. Everytime he breathes in- 3 shots. Squeals or giggles - 1 shot. Give it a go. Only in fun mind. No hate here, just amused love and respect xxx

    Darren O'ConnellDarren O'Connell9 dagen geleden
  • Mario Badescue is NOT good. sephora drying lotion is MUCH better. i’ve used the mario lotion for like a year and it just did not work

    Lauren BerrymanLauren Berryman9 dagen geleden
  • Please tell me that you walk towards the ladies toilet

    Black MaskBlack Mask9 dagen geleden
  • sis why do u look SO good in that mirror

    HannahHannah9 dagen geleden
  • Ikr I think i was in a game with her and I said I think its blue I met to say light blue in among us and she said but shore

    Terrance GadsdenTerrance Gadsden9 dagen geleden
  • 9:23 a stand... your welcome

    Henry SchellHenry Schell9 dagen geleden
  • James can't live without Amazon :)

    Sabi HoldsunSabi Holdsun9 dagen geleden